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1 January 2021 playlist – favourite albums of the year (part 2)

Lynn Miles We’ll look for the stars from We’ll look for the stars (2020 Continental Song City) 

David Berkeley Beside the shuttered doors from Oh quiet world (2020 David Berkeley)

Tobias Ben Jacob The caravan from Refuge (2020 Polyphonic Recordings)

This Is The Kit This is what you did from Off off on (2020 Rough Trade Records) 

Modern Studies Jacqueline from The weight of the sun (2020 Fire Records)

Rachel Newton We will listen from To the awe (2020 Shadowside Records)

Josienne Clarke Silverline (original demo) from Historical Record Vol 1 & 2 (2020 Corduroy Punk)

Josienne Clarke Dark cloud (studio demo) from Historical Record Vol 3 & 4 Learning to sail (2020 Corduroy Punk) 

Matt Hill Stone and bone from Savage pilgrims (2020 Quiet Loner Records)

Edgelarks Come write me down from Henry James (2020 Dragonfly Roots Records)

Paul Mosley and the Red Meat Orchestra Trum tum run tum from Music for Puppets (2020 Red Crow Records) 

Lucinda Williams Man without a soul from Good souls, better angels (2020 Highway 20 Records)

Molly Tuttle Fake empire from But I’d rather be with you (2020 Compass Records) 

Steven Adams and the French Drops My brother the racist from Keep it light (2020 Fika Recordings)

Jeremy Tuplin Swimming from Violet waves (2020 Trapped Animal Records) 

Suzzy Roche and Lucy Wainwright Roche Ruins from I can still hear you (2020 Storysounds Records)

Kris Delmhorst Skyscraper from Long days in the milky way (2020 Big Bean Music)

Kathleen Edwards Options open from Total freedom (2020 Dualtone Music) 

Julian Taylor The Ridge from The Ridge (2020 Howling Turtle)

Terra Spencer Coyotes from Chasing Rabbits (2020 Terra Spencer)

Terra Lightfoot Lost you forever from Consider the speed (2020 Sonic Unyon) 

The Magpie Arc Canon from EP1(2020 Collective/Perspective)

Martin Simpson October song from Home Recordings (2020 Topic Records)

Jenny Sturgeon Being from The Living mountain (2020 Hudson Records) 

The Lowest Pair How far would I go from The Perfect Plan (2020 The Lowest Pair)

Jennifer Castle Broken hearted from Monarch Season (2020 Paradise of Bachelors)

Vanessa Peters Sister Golden Hair from Mixtape (2020 Little Sandwich Music) 

Ian Roland and the Subtown Set Double Rainbow from Double Rainbow (Ian Roland Music)

Darren Black with Stewart Prosser and Robert Sword Less in common than we’d like from Playing with the truth 

My Girl The River The last branch from Cardinal in the snow (2020 Supertiny Records)

Gillian Welch and David Rawlings Senor from All the good times are past and gone (2020 Acony Records)

Emma Swift Going, going gone from Blonde on the tracks (2020 Continental Song City) 

Alec Bowman The Long Goodbye from I used to be sad and then I forgot (2020 Alec Bowman) 

H.C. McEntire Final bow from Eno Axis (2020 Merge Records) 

The Quiet Revolution favourite albums of the year – addendum

It’s almost guaranteed that soon after I’ve hit publish for my favourite album releases of the year I hear a record I hadn’t listened to before perhaps because it had escaped my attention (yes sadly that happens) or hadn’t yet been released. I don’t want to miss out on these so here are three additions to be read in conjunction with my existing list of 82 albums.

Terra Spencer – Chasing Rabbits

Tobias Ben Jacob – Refuge

Diana Jones – Song to a refugee

20 December 2020 playlist – end of year favourite releases part 1

Bonny Light Horseman The Roving from Bonny Light Horseman (2020 37do3d) 

Evangeline Gentle The strongest people have tender hearts from Evangeline Gentle (2020 Sonic Unyon)

Mary Chapin Carpenter Between the dirt and the stars from The Dirt and the Stars (2020 Lambent Light Records)

Clem Snide Roger Ebert from Forever just beyond (2020 Ramseur Records) 

Salt House All shall be still from Huam (2020 Hudson Records)

Arborist A Northern View from A Northern View (2020 Arborist)

The Rheingans Sisters The Photograph from Receiver (2020 Bendigedig Records) 

Richard J. Birkin with the London Contemporary Orchestra Boats from matterlightblooming (2020 Reveal Records)

Rose Cousins The Lullaby (My oldest love) from Bravado (2020 Outlaw Music)

Norma MacDonald One man band from Old Future (2020 Noyes Records) 

Ned Roberts Slower than the sea from from Dream Sweetheart (2020 Aveline Records)

Kirsty Merryn Our bright night from Our bright night (2020 Kirsty Merryn)

Laura Cortese and the Dance Cards Typhoon from Bitterbetter (2020 Compass Records) 

Emily Barker Machine from A dark murmuration of words (2020 Thirty Tigers)

Jerry Joseph Dead confederate from The beautiful madness (2020 Decor Records)

Austin Lucas Already dead from Alive in the Hot Zone (2020 Cornelius Chapel Records) 

The Lone Bellow Illegal immigrant from Half moon light (2020 Dualtone Music)

Charlie Dore Collateral from Like Animals (2020 Black Ink Music)

The Mammals What it all is from Nonet (2020 Humble Abode Music) 

Sam Carter Fly the flag from Home Waters (2020 Captain Records)

Robert Vincent Conundrum from In this town you’re owned (2020 Thirty Tigers)

Dan Whitehouse The state of the English from Dreamland Tomorrow (2020 Reveal Records) 

Serious Child Long slow distance from Time in the trees (2020 One Left Foot)

Tom Houston Child on a plane from Gap in the fence (2020 Imaginary People Productions)

Marin Patenaude Sight Unseen, Part 2 from Sight Unseen (2020 Still Records) 

Katy Rose Bennett Where does it hurt? from Where does it hurt? the best of Katy Rose Bennett (2020 Katy Rose Bennett)

Damien Jurado Birds tricked into trees from What’s new tomboy? (2020 Loose Music) 

Hannah White & the Nordic Connections Man without men from Hannah White & the Nordic Connections (2020 Hannah White & the Nordic Connections)

Kris Drever Where the world is thin from Where the world is thin (2020 Reveal Records)

John Moreland I’m learning how to tell myself from LP5 (2020 Thirty Tigers) 

Peter Oren Loading page from The greener pasture (2020 Western Vinyl)

I’m Kingfisher Children’s atom bomb from The past has begun (2020 Fading Trails Recordings)

Our Man in the Field I’ll be gone from from The company of strangers (2020 Rootsy Music/Rocksnob) 

Laura Veirs End times from My Echo (2020 Raven Marching Band/Bella Union) 

The Quiet Revolution albums of the year

It’s been an incredibly challenging year yet some incredibly fine records have been released. So this is my complete list of my 82 favourite albums of 2020. They are in no order of preference, that would be pretty much impossible.

This year has been a particularly difficult one for musicians with tours, album launches and festivals cancelled. So if you investigate some of the artists and albums on my list please do buy some of their music, through Bandcamp or direct from the artist wherever possible.

  • Dan Whitehouse – Dreamland tomorrow
  • Arborist – A Northern View
  • Damien Jurado – What’s new tomboy?
  • John Moreland – LP5 
  • Tom Houston – Gap in the fence
  • Courtney Marie Andrews – Old Flowers
  • Ian Roland and the Subtown Set – Double Rainbow
  • Evangeline Gentle – Evangeline Gentle
  • Emma Swift – Blonde on the tracks
  • Gillian Welch and David Rawlings – All the good times are past and gone
  • Our Man in the Field – The company of strangers
  • H.C. McEntire – Eno Axis
  • I’m Kingfisher – The past has begun
  • Josienne Clarke – Historical Record Vol 1 & 2
  • Josienne Clarke – Historical Record Vol 3 & 4 Learning to sail
  • Austin Lucas – Alive in the hot zone
  • Emily Barker – A dark murmuration of words
  • Jerry Joseph – Beautiful madness
  • Adam Beattie – Somewhere round the bend
  • Kenneth J Nash – For Sarah
  • Kris Delmhorst – Long days in the milky way
  • Steven Adams and the French Drops – Keep it light
  • Mary Chapin Carpenter – The dirt and stars
  • David Berkeley – Oh quiet world
  • The Lone Bellow – Half moon light
  • Jeremy Tuplin – Violet waves
  • Alec Bowman – I used to be sad and then I forgot
  • Serious Child – Time in the trees
  • Cunning Folk – A casual invocation
  • Clem Snide – Forever just beyond
  • The Magpies – Tidings
  • Darren Black with Stewart Prosser and Robert Sword – Playing with the truth
  • Laura Cortese and the Dance Cards – Bitterbetter
  • Phoebe Bridgers – Punisher
  • Bonny Light Horseman – Bonny Light Horseman
  • Molly Tuttle – I’d rather be with you
  • The Magpie Arc – EP1
  • Kathleen Edwards – Total freedom
  • Lambchop – Trip
  • David Grubb – Nano
  • Hannah White and the Nordic Connections – Hannah White and the Nordic Connections
  • Paul Mosley and the Red Meat Orchestra – Music for Puppets
  • Richard J Birkin with the London Contemporary Orchestra – matterlightblooming
  • Jennifer Castle – Monarch season
  • Norma MacDonald – Old future
  • Rachel Newton – To the awe
  • Martin Simpson – Home Recordings
  • Edgelarks – Henry James
  • This Is The Kit – Off off on
  • Suzzy Roche and Lucy Wainwright Roche – I can still hear you
  • Annie Dressner – Coffee at the corner bar
  • Matt Hill – Savage pilgrims
  • Jenny Sturgeon – Living mountain
  • The Rheingans Sisters – Receiver
  • Kris Drever – Where the world is thin
  • Bill Callahan – Gold Record
  • Julian Taylor – The Ridge
  • Katy Rose Bennett – Where does it hurt: an introduction to Katy Rose Bennett
  • Laura Veirs – My Echo
  • Terra Lightfoot – Consider the speed
  • Rose Cousins – Bravado
  • Ned Roberts – Dream Sweetheart
  • Sam Carter – Home waters
  • Salt House – Huam
  • My Girl The River – Cardinal in the snow
  • Kirsty Merryn – Our Bright Night
  • India Electric Co – The Gap
  • The Lowest Pair – The Perfect Plan
  • Ma Polaine’s Great Decline – City of love
  • Charlie Dore – Like animals
  • The Mammals – Nonet
  • Lisa Marini – Born in tribes
  • Modern Studies – The weight of the sun
  • Peter Oren – The greener pasture
  • Vanessa Peters – Mixtape
  • Gitta de Ridder – To our children
  • Lynn Miles – We’ll look for the stars
  • Marin Patenaude – Sight Unseen
  • Robert Vincent – In this town you’re owned 
  • Lucinda Williams – Good souls, better angels
  • Darlingside – Fish pond fish
  • Various artists – Home is where the art is: 15 years of Reveal Records 2006-2021

The Quiet Revolution albums of the year so far

2020 has certainly been a difficult and unusual year. I presented my last live Quiet Revolution on 3 March at which point only a relatively small number of new albums had been released. There followed a break in shows when lockdown began and I resumed on the air late April with a recorded show that looks likely to continue for, well, I’m not sure how long to be honest!

This ability to continue the show albeit in rather a different way has I’m delighted to say enabled me to shine some light on some of the excellent new records that have been released in 2020. In some ways because of the much more home-based way we’re living the fact that we’re six months into the year seemed to creep up on me more than ever!

In the last few years, I’ve tended towards posting my favourite releases of the year this way. Mid-year and then again in December. It seems to work for me and is an easier way of keeping track of everything I’ve enjoyed and not missing anything.

Hope you enjoy discovering some of these fine artists and records if you haven’t been lucky enough to have stumbled across them before now I hope you enjoy discovering them from here on in. And do let me know what you think, you can post comments on this blog or on Twitter.

I also really like what I’ve heard of Tom Houston’s Gap in the fence which hasn’t been released yet although some singles from the album have. I envisage Tom’s album will appear in my next blog about my favourite releases in December. In the meantime check him out at

The Quiet Revolution albums of the year: August-December

I posted my albums of the year at just over the mid-way point in July. Here are my additions to that list covering the period August to December. I hope you enjoy seeking these records out and adding to your music library.

The list is in no particular order of preference. 2019 has been another fantastic year for music. Here’s to 2020!

Paul Mosley and the Red Meat Orchestra – You’re Going To Die!

Catherine Rudie – The Mobius Kiss

Rachel Sermanni – So It Turns

The Doghouse Roses -We are made of light

Josienne Clarke – In all weather

The Milk Carton Kids – The Only Ones EP

Smith and McClennan – Small Town Stories

Bella Hardy – Postcards and Pocketbooks (best of)

Emily Barker – Shadow Box

Stick in the Wheel – Against the loathsome beyond

Son of Town Hall – The adventures of Son of Town Hall

Joan Shelley – Like the river loves the sea

Rowan Rheingans – The lines we draw together

Nels Andrews – Pigeon and Crow

The Hoth Brothers – Workin’ and Dreamin’

The Rails – Cancel the sun

Bedouine – Bird songs of a killjoy

Session Americana – Northeast

Kirsty McGee – The deafening sound of the stars

Martin Simpson – Rooted

Boo Hewerdine – Before

The Askew Sisters – Enclosure

The Orphan Brigade – To the edge of the world

Stylusboy – Routes

Catherine MacLellan – Coyote

Wookalily – Everything is normal except the little things inside my head

Maz O’Connor – Chosen daughter

Steve Pledger – Alone in the dark

Amy Speace – Me and the ghost of Charlemagne

Ida Wenoe – The things we don’t know yet

Show of Hands – Battlefield Dance Floor

Spell Songs – Lost Words

Carrie Tree – The Canoe

Daniel Meade – Rust

Chris Cleverley – We sat back and watched it unfold

Dori Freeman – Every single star

Man the Lifeboats – When the time bell rings

Luke Daniels – Old friends and exhausted enemies

Samantha Whates – Waiting Rooms

Clara Baker – Things to burn

Betsy Phillips – We don’t stay anymore EP

Hiss Golden Messenger – Terms of surrender

The Quiet Revolution’s albums of the year: mid-year review

It’s that time again. Just over 6 months into 2019 and it’s been another superb year for music as far as I’m concerned. Here are my favourite releases to date.

They’re not in any order of preference, I like them all as much.

Please do feel free to comment and start a discussion going. And let me know what your favourite releases are…

William the Conqueror: Bleeding on the soundtrack (Loose Music)

Grace Petrie: Queer as folk (Robot needs a home)

Lau: Midnight and Closedown (Reveal Records)

Marry Waterson and Emily Barker: A window to other ways (One Little Indian)

Harbottle and Jonas: The sea is my brother (Brook View Records)

Katie Spencer: Weather Beaten (KRS Music)

Jeremy Tuplin: Pink Mirror (Trapped Animal Records)

The Delines: The Imperial (Decor Records)

Kalyn Fay: Good Company (Horton Records)

Peter James Millson: Low-key (Significant Records)

Megson: Con-tra-dic-shun (EDJ Records)

Abigail Lapell: Getaway (Coax Records)

Buffalo Blood: Buffalo Blood (Eel Pie Records)

Pete Gow: Here there’s no sirens (Clubhouse Records)

Lula Wiles: Love gone wrong (Smithsonian Folkways Recordings)

Sir Silence and Lady Hush: It’s time she said (Hushland Records)

Andrew Bird: My finest work yet (Lorna Vista Recordings)

Danni Nicholls: The Melted Morning (Danni Nicholls)

Sean Taylor: The Path into the blue (Sean Taylor)

Damien Jurado: In the shape of a storm (Loose Music)

Mike Vass: Save his calm (Unroofed Records)

Odette Michell: The Wildest Rose (Odette Michell)

Jacob and Drinkwater: This Old River (Polyphonic Records)

Jones: Carver’s Law (Meme Records)

Her Crooked Heart: To love to leave to live (Her Crooked Heart)

Anna Tivel: The Question (Fluff and Gravy Records)

Humbird: Pharmakon (Humbird)

The Alvarez Theory: The Alvarez Theory (Alvarez Theory)

Glen Hansard: This Wild Willing (Anti Records)

Ryan Bingham: American Love Song (Axter Bingham Records)

Son Volt: Union (Transmit Sound)

Josh Ritter: Fever Beats (Pytheas Recordings)

The Little Unsaid: Atomise (Reveal Records)

Tiny Ruins: Olympic Girls (Bella Union Records)

Edgelarks: Feather (Dragonfly Roots Records)

Peter Bruntnell: King of Madrid (Domestico Records)

Kenneth J Nash: The Explorer EP (Old Hotel Records)

Caroline Spence: Mint Condition (Rounder Records)

The Tallest Man on Earth: I love you, it’s a fever dream (Birds Records)

Paul McClure: Market Town (Clubhouse Records)

Nev Cottee: River’s Edge (Wonderful Sound)

Harry Harris: I feel drunk all the time (Harry Harris)

Norrie McCulloch: Compass (Black Dust Records)

Carly Dow: Comet (Carly Dow)

Findlay Napier and Megan Henwood: The Story Song Scientists EP (Dharma Records)

The Felice Brothers: Undress (Yep Roc)

Jamie Freeman: Dreams of falling (Union Music Label)

Emily Mae Winters: High Romance (Emily Mae Winters)

Bill Callahan: Shepherd in a sheepskin vest (Drag City)

The Willows: Through the wild (Elk Records)

Albums of the year 2018 – the ones that got away!

After publishing my albums of the year there are always some that got away. Albums that in error I’d not included in my list or those that I simply hadn’t had a chance to hear yet. I’ve not done too badly this year. Three additions to my original lengthy favourites list. I’m kind of encouraged to learn that having a long list of favourite releases isn’t unique to me. John Mulvey, editor of Mojo magazine’s own personal favourite releases of last year was longer than mine so I feel I’m in good company.

Anyway here are my additions.

Sweet Billy Pilgrim – Wapentak : erroneously missed off my original list. Now corrected.

Doug Paisley – Starter Home: I’ve loved all of Doug’s previous albums, just didn’t get to this one fast enough!

Neilson Hubbard – Cumberland Island: Producer in demand for Quiet Revolution faves like Dean Owens and Caroline Spence. Like Doug’s album I didn’t get to hear it until too late. Now rectified I’m delighted to say.

The Quiet Revolution favourite albums of 2018 – full list

For those who just like a straightforward list without video links here it is, all of my favourite releases from 2018 together. It’s a long list but I consider that minimalism is overrated!

  • Sarah McQuaid – If we dig any deeper it could get dangerous
  • Jess Morgan – And I still can’t keep still EP/Blue Jay single/Aston expressway, kiss me quick single/Whitby single
  • Dean Owens – Southern Wind
  • Gem Andrews – North
  • Faeland – At my swim
  • Jim Ghedi – A hymn for ancient land
  • Bennett Wilson Poole – Bennett Wilson Poole
  • Don Gallardo – Still here
  • Kings of the South Seas – Franklyn
  • Zoe Mulford – Small brown birds
  • Alela Diane – Cusp
  • Josienne Clarke and Ben Walker – Seedlings All
  • H.C McEntire – Lionheart
  • Winter Wilson – Far off on the horizon
  • Jerry Leger – Nonsense and heartache
  • Orphan Colours – All on red
  • Stick in the Wheel – Follow them true
  • Brandi Carlile – By the way, I forgive you
  • Fran Wyburn – Wood for the trees
  • Hannah Read – Way out I’ll wander
  • I’m Kingfisher – Transit
  • Cath and Phil Tyler – The Ax and the Ox
  • Mary Chapin Carpenter – Sometimes just the sky
  • Courtney Marie Andrews – May your kindness remain
  • Duotone – A life re-appearing
  • Simone Felice – The Projector
  • Hayley Henderickx – I need to start a garden
  • Israel Nash – Lifted
  • Ray Cooper – Between the golden age and the promised land
  • Gretchen Peters – Dancing with the beast
  • The Fugitives – The promise of strangers
  • Hatful of Rain – Songs of the lost and found
  • Jill Jackson – Are we there yet?
  • Blair Dunlop – Notes from an island
  • Olivia Chaney – Shelter
  • Hannah Sanders and Ben Savage – Awake
  • Laura Veirs – The Lookout
  • Juliana Daugherty – Light
  • Erin Rae – Putting on airs
  • Lucy Ward – Pretty warnings
  • Jennifer Castle – Angels of death
  • Suburban Dirts – I want blood
  • Hadley McCall Thackston – Hadley McCall Thackston
  • The Jellyman’s Daughter – Dead reckoning
  • Ana Egge – White Tiger
  • Modern Studies – Welcome strangers
  • Ry Cooder – Prodigal Son
  • Mishaped Pearls – Shivelight
  • Ben Kunder – Better Human
  • Jess Vincent – Lions
  • Laura Gibson – Goners
  • Benjamin Folke Thomas – Modern man
  • William Fitzsimmons – Mission bell
  • Karine Polwart, Steven Polwart and Inge Thomson – Laws of motion
  • Cam Penner – At war with reason
  • Trevor Moss and Hannah-Lou – Fair Lady London
  • Nathan Bell – Love, bones and stars
  • Marc Ribot – Songs of Resistance 1942-2018
  • John Smith – Hummingbird
  • Kelly Oliver – Botany Bay
  • Jess Matas – Tamarack
  • Phillip Henry – True North
  • Kitty MacFarlane – Namer of clouds
  • Ed Harcourt – Beyond the end
  • David Berkeley – The Faded Red and Blue EP
  • Sinnober – Projection
  • Martyn Joseph – Here come the young
  • Ciara O’Neill – Arrow
  • The Willows – Through the wild
  • Glorietta – Glorietta
  • Austin Lucas – Immortal Americans
  • Annie Dressner – Broken into pieces
  • Gilmore and Roberts – A problem of our kind
  • Me for Queen – Loose end
  • Curse of Lono – As I fell
  • Drew Morrison and the Darkwood – Electric Notes Wild
  • Tunng – Songs you make at night
  • Treetop Flyers – Treetop Flyers
  • Grace Petrie – Queer as folk
  • Vanessa Peters – Foxhole prayers
  • Dan Webster – Devil sky
  • M.G Boulter and The Froe – Blood Moon EP
  • The Cowboy Junkies – All that reckoning
  • Kerry Devine – Away from the mountains
  • Lori McKenna – The Tree
  • Elephant Micah – Genericana
  • Amanda Shires – To the sunset
  • Lachlan Bryan and the Wildes – Some girls quite like country music
  • The Innocence Mission – Sun on the square
  • Lera Lynn – Plays well with others (a duets album)
  • Jason McNiff – Joy and independence
  • Alden Patterson and Dashwood – By the night
  • Robby Hecht and Caroline Spence – Two people
  • Steve Tilston – Distant days
  • The Milk Carton Kids – All the things that I did and all the things that I didn’t do
  • Rab Noakes – Welcome to anniversaryville
  • Kristian Kjellvander – Faux Guernica
  • Katherine Priddy – Wolf EP
  • Julien Baker, Phoebe Bridgers and Lucy Dacus – Boygenius EP
  • Eliza Gilkyson – Secularia
  • Rachel Baiman – Thanksgiving EP
  • Reg Meuross – Reg Meuross
  • Luluc – Sculptor
  • The Shackleton Trio – Fen, farm and deadly water
  • Trampled  by Turtles – Life is good one the open road
  • Letitia VanSant – Gut it to the studs
  • The Trials of Cato – Hide and hair