I’m Adam Wilson and this is the online presence of my radio show the Quiet Revolution, a specialist music programme on HFM Radio, the local community station for Market Harborough, South Leicestershire and North Northamptonshire.

I’ve been presenting the show since HFM was awarded the licence for the area in 2007.

Be part of the Quiet Revolution by tuning in fortnightly on Tuesday evenings from 9pm until 11pm where you will hear my hand-built playlist of americana, alt-country, folk, world and blues.

You can catch the show on 102.3 FM within our transmission area, online at http://www.harboroughfm.co.uk, by downloading the HFM Radio app available on the IOS store, through the Tune In Radio app from Google and IOS stores or just ask your smart speaker to play Harborough FM.

It can be tough to be a musician, trying to make your way in a world that has made your life’s work into a commodity, but it will still be worth doing while there are passionate, attentive supporters like Adam Wilson flying the flag, fighting the fight, tirelessly & selflessly sharing the music he likes. If Adam shares your new tune, you know you’re doing something right

Mr Alec Bowman-Clarke

Always a good sign when the barometer of taste plays your songs

Tobias Ben Jacob and Lukas Drinkwater

I’m always proud when a song I’ve written gets played out on the Quiet Revolution. Adam’s playlist curation is thoughtful and discerning. It just feels an enormous privilege to be part of it and have the support of the show. I’m a fan of the show and regularly turn to Adam’s lists for inspiration for new music to get lost in

Jess Morgan

Adam Wilson is one of those rare individuals who is not bound by any one genre, but rather by a deep and abiding love of music, no matter what the style. I have known him since the early days of my career, and not only has he been willing to take a chance on new artists, but more importantly has stuck by these artists, myself included, through all their musical growth and changes in sound and genre

Anna Coogan

I don’t think there’s a single record that Adam Wilson hasn’t heard. Always a lot of fun chatting to him about the little details that make great music. A champion of real music

Peter James Millson

Adam selects songs that flow and compliment each other seamlessly, yet also manages to span a range of moods and vibes

Rachel Taylor-Beales

The Quiet Revolution harks back to a different era of radio. Before playlists, marketing and demographics took over, the listener would trust the DJ to introduce them to new music. What I love about Adam’s show is he will play lesser known artists like me alongside global superstars. It’s a show with integrity and its simply about the music. I’m honoured to be played on it and as a listener myself I’ve discovered some great new artists through the show. Vive la Quiet Revolution

Matt Hill

Adam modestly calls it a Quiet Revolution, but the records he plays and the way he frames them, his gentle tones and sensitive insights certainly ring loudly and resonate with me

Dan Whitehouse

Always supportive and always eclectic, the Quiet Revolution is two hours of the best bands you never knew you liked and now want to hear more about

Pat McGarvey (Southern Tenant Folk Union)

A finer, handpicked selection of the best acoustic roots and folk artists is harder to find

Kenneth J.Nash

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