Marry a Waterson and Emily Barker Twister digital download single from forthcoming album A Window To Other Ways (2019 One Little Indian) 

Kalyn Fay Good company from Good Company (2019 Horton Records)

Danny Schmidt Standard deviation from Standard Deviation (2019 Danny Schmidt)

Lau Echolalia from Midnight and Closedown (2019 Reveal Records) 

Jeremy Tuplin Can we be strangers from Pink Mirror (2019 Trapped Animal Records)

Katie Spencer Weather Beaten from Weather Beaten (2019 KRS Music)

Rachel Croft In Blue from Hours Awake (2019 Black Ink Records) 

The Delines The Imperial from The Imperial (2019 Decor Records)

Erin Costello The Sign from Sweet Marie (2019 Compass Records) 

Buffalo Blood I’m Alive from Buffalo Blood (2019 Eel Pie Records)

Nielson Hubbard Save Me from Cumberland Island (2018 Proper Records) 

Kristina Stykos Waging Peace from River of Light (2019 Thunder Ridge Records) 

The Trials of Cato Tom Paine’s Bones from Hide and Hair (2018 The Trials of Cato)

Grace Petrie A young woman’s tale from Queer as folk (2018 Robot needs a home)

Megson Voice of the nation from Con-tra-dic-shun (2019 EDJ Records) 

The Leylines Broken and alone from Recover Reveal (2019 The Leylines)

Harbottle and Jonas Hall Sands from The sea is my brother (2019 Brook View Records) 

Humblebee Song for you pre-release track from forthcoming EP (2019 Old Hotel Records)

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Mandolin Orange Golden Embers from Tides of a teardrop (2019 Yep Roc Records)

Ian George Gitche Gumee from Kingdom of my youth (2019 Ian George) 

Lucy Kitt Better days from Stand By (2019 Westbere Music)

The Willows Better days from Through the wild (2019 Elk Records) 

Abigail Lapell Gonna be leaving from Getaway (2019 Coax Records) 

Megson Are you sitting comfortably from Con-tra-dic-shun (2019 EDJ Records) 

Michael Chapman After all this time from True North (2019 Paradise of Bachelors)

Phillip Henry True North from True North (2018 Dragonfly Roots)

Kai Kater Grenades from Grenades (2019 Smithsonian Folkways Recordings) 

Karine Polwart Dignity download single (2019 Hegri Music)

Lau Toy tigers from Midnight and Closedown (2019 Reveal Records)

Sean Taylor This is England digital download single (2019 Sean Taylor) 

Dan Webster Freedom in suburbia from Devil Sky (2018 Paper Plane Records)

Rachel Croft Hear me from Hours Awake (2019 Black Ink)

Daniel Romano All the reaching trims from Finally Free (2018 New West Records)

Mountain Man Rang tang ring too from Magic Ship (2018 Bella Union Records) 

Lucy Kitt Stand By from Stand By (2019 Wineberry Records) 

William the Conqueror Bleeding on the soundtrack from Bleeding on the soundtrack (2019 Loose Music)

Angus McOg Laika from Beginners (2019 Buzz Supreme Records)

Doug Paisley Drinking with a friend from Starter Home (2018 No Quarter Records) 

Lucy Wainwright Roche Ohio is for lovers from Little Beast (2018 Tone Tree Music)

Suzanne Jarvie Carpenter Bay from In the clear (2019 Wolfe Island Records)

Harbottle and Jonas Was it you? from The sea is my brother (2019 Brook View Records) 

Christian Kjellvander Love Xomes from Wild Hxmans (2018 Tapete Records)

Martyn Joseph Summer has a way of finding you from Here come the young (2018 Pipe Records)

Neilson Hubbard Don’t make me walk through this world on my own from Cumberland Island (2018 Proper Records) 

Will Varley Seven days from The spirit of Minnie (2018 Xtra Mile Recordings) 

Ed Harcourt Dust for ghosts from Beyond the end (2018 Point of Departure/PIAS)

After publishing my albums of the year there are always some that got away. Albums that in error I’d not included in my list or those that I simply hadn’t had a chance to hear yet. I’ve not done too badly this year. Three additions to my original lengthy favourites list. I’m kind of encouraged to learn that having a long list of favourite releases isn’t unique to me. John Mulvey, editor of Mojo magazine’s own personal favourite releases of last year was longer than mine so I feel I’m in good company.

Anyway here are my additions.

Sweet Billy Pilgrim – Wapentak : erroneously missed off my original list. Now corrected.

Doug Paisley – Starter Home: I’ve loved all of Doug’s previous albums, just didn’t get to this one fast enough!

Neilson Hubbard – Cumberland Island: Producer in demand for Quiet Revolution faves like Dean Owens and Caroline Spence. Like Doug’s album I didn’t get to hear it until too late. Now rectified I’m delighted to say.

Pierce Pettis I wouldn’t change it for the world digital download single from forthcoming album Father’s Son (2019 Compass Records) 

Caroline Spence I can’t complain from Spades and Roses (2017 Caroline Spence)

Neilson Hubbard My heart belongs to you from Cumberland Island (2018 Proper Records)

Sam Baker Peace out from Land of doubt (2018 Sam Baker Music) 

Jess Morgan Familiar shoulders from And I can’t keep still EP (2018 Drabant Music)

Courtney Marie Andrews May your kindness remain from May your kindness remain (2018 Loose Music)

Emmylou Harris Diamonds are a girl’s best friend from White Shoes (1982 Warner Brothers) 

Sweet Billy Pilgrim A shelter of reeds from Wapentak (2018 Deco Audio Records)

Loudon Wainwright III Your mother and I from Years in the making (2018 Storysound Records)

The Delines Eddie & Polly digital download single from forthcoming album The Imperial 

Cunning Folk Soft estate from Constant Companion (2018 Dharma Records) 

Lau I don’t want to die here from Midnight and Closedown (2019 Reveal Records) 

Doug Paisley Starter Home from Starter Home (2018 No Quarter Records) 

Willard Grant Conspiracy Untethered from Untethered (2018 Loose Music)

Karine Polwart with Steven Polwart & Inge Thomson Matsuo’s welcome to Muckhart from Laws of Motion (2018 Hudson Records)

Chris Wood Come Down Jehovah from Trespasser (2007 RUF Records) 

Bennett Wilson Poole Funny guys from Bennett Wilson Poole (2018 Aurora Records)

Odette Michell Bless the ground you grow on single (2018 Odette Michell) 

Amy Speace The letter from Same Old Storm EP (2014 Continental Song City) 

Jonny Kearney & Lucy Farrell Letters to Lenore from The North Farm Sessions (2013 Rabble Rouser Records)

Neil McSweeney Land Of cockayne from A coat worth wearing (2016 Hudson Records) 

The Trials of Cato These are the things from Hide and Hair (2018 Trials of Cato)

The Weather Station featuring Jennifer Castle I tried to wear the world collaboration digital download single (2018 Paradise of Bachelors) 

Peter James Millson Driving home from Low-Key (as yet unreleased) 

For those who just like a straightforward list without video links here it is, all of my favourite releases from 2018 together. It’s a long list but I consider that minimalism is overrated!

  • Sarah McQuaid – If we dig any deeper it could get dangerous
  • Jess Morgan – And I still can’t keep still EP/Blue Jay single/Aston expressway, kiss me quick single/Whitby single
  • Dean Owens – Southern Wind
  • Gem Andrews – North
  • Faeland – At my swim
  • Jim Ghedi – A hymn for ancient land
  • Bennett Wilson Poole – Bennett Wilson Poole
  • Don Gallardo – Still here
  • Kings of the South Seas – Franklyn
  • Zoe Mulford – Small brown birds
  • Alela Diane – Cusp
  • Josienne Clarke and Ben Walker – Seedlings All
  • H.C McEntire – Lionheart
  • Winter Wilson – Far off on the horizon
  • Jerry Leger – Nonsense and heartache
  • Orphan Colours – All on red
  • Stick in the Wheel – Follow them true
  • Brandi Carlile – By the way, I forgive you
  • Fran Wyburn – Wood for the trees
  • Hannah Read – Way out I’ll wander
  • I’m Kingfisher – Transit
  • Cath and Phil Tyler – The Ax and the Ox
  • Mary Chapin Carpenter – Sometimes just the sky
  • Courtney Marie Andrews – May your kindness remain
  • Duotone – A life re-appearing
  • Simone Felice – The Projector
  • Hayley Henderickx – I need to start a garden
  • Israel Nash – Lifted
  • Ray Cooper – Between the golden age and the promised land
  • Gretchen Peters – Dancing with the beast
  • The Fugitives – The promise of strangers
  • Hatful of Rain – Songs of the lost and found
  • Jill Jackson – Are we there yet?
  • Blair Dunlop – Notes from an island
  • Olivia Chaney – Shelter
  • Hannah Sanders and Ben Savage – Awake
  • Laura Veirs – The Lookout
  • Juliana Daugherty – Light
  • Erin Rae – Putting on airs
  • Lucy Ward – Pretty warnings
  • Jennifer Castle – Angels of death
  • Suburban Dirts – I want blood
  • Hadley McCall Thackston – Hadley McCall Thackston
  • The Jellyman’s Daughter – Dead reckoning
  • Ana Egge – White Tiger
  • Modern Studies – Welcome strangers
  • Ry Cooder – Prodigal Son
  • Mishaped Pearls – Shivelight
  • Ben Kunder – Better Human
  • Jess Vincent – Lions
  • Laura Gibson – Goners
  • Benjamin Folke Thomas – Modern man
  • William Fitzsimmons – Mission bell
  • Karine Polwart, Steven Polwart and Inge Thomson – Laws of motion
  • Cam Penner – At war with reason
  • Trevor Moss and Hannah-Lou – Fair Lady London
  • Nathan Bell – Love, bones and stars
  • Marc Ribot – Songs of Resistance 1942-2018
  • John Smith – Hummingbird
  • Kelly Oliver – Botany Bay
  • Jess Matas – Tamarack
  • Phillip Henry – True North
  • Kitty MacFarlane – Namer of clouds
  • Ed Harcourt – Beyond the end
  • David Berkeley – The Faded Red and Blue EP
  • Sinnober – Projection
  • Martyn Joseph – Here come the young
  • Ciara O’Neill – Arrow
  • The Willows – Through the wild
  • Glorietta – Glorietta
  • Austin Lucas – Immortal Americans
  • Annie Dressner – Broken into pieces
  • Gilmore and Roberts – A problem of our kind
  • Me for Queen – Loose end
  • Curse of Lono – As I fell
  • Drew Morrison and the Darkwood – Electric Notes Wild
  • Tunng – Songs you make at night
  • Treetop Flyers – Treetop Flyers
  • Grace Petrie – Queer as folk
  • Vanessa Peters – Foxhole prayers
  • Dan Webster – Devil sky
  • M.G Boulter and The Froe – Blood Moon EP
  • The Cowboy Junkies – All that reckoning
  • Kerry Devine – Away from the mountains
  • Lori McKenna – The Tree
  • Elephant Micah – Genericana
  • Amanda Shires – To the sunset
  • Lachlan Bryan and the Wildes – Some girls quite like country music
  • The Innocence Mission – Sun on the square
  • Lera Lynn – Plays well with others (a duets album)
  • Jason McNiff – Joy and independence
  • Alden Patterson and Dashwood – By the night
  • Robby Hecht and Caroline Spence – Two people
  • Steve Tilston – Distant days
  • The Milk Carton Kids – All the things that I did and all the things that I didn’t do
  • Rab Noakes – Welcome to anniversaryville
  • Kristian Kjellvander – Faux Guernica
  • Katherine Priddy – Wolf EP
  • Julien Baker, Phoebe Bridgers and Lucy Dacus – Boygenius EP
  • Eliza Gilkyson – Secularia
  • Rachel Baiman – Thanksgiving EP
  • Reg Meuross – Reg Meuross
  • Luluc – Sculptor
  • The Shackleton Trio – Fen, farm and deadly water
  • Trampled  by Turtles – Life is good one the open road
  • Letitia VanSant – Gut it to the studs
  • The Trials of Cato – Hide and hair



Lachlan Bryan and The Wildes A portrait of the artist as a middle aged man from Some girls (quite) like country music (2018 Lachlan Bryan and the Wildes) 

Kai Kater New Collossus from Grenades (2019 Smithsonian Folkways) 

The Willows Coda from Through the wild (2018 Elk Records)

Willard Grant Conspiracy Saturday with Jane from Unthethered (2018 Loose Music)

Bella Hardy I would give you the moon single (2013 Noe Records)

The Kimberleys Elsie Marley from The Kimberleys (2018 Pop la disque)

Austin Lucas My mother and the devil from Immortal Americans (2018 Cornelius Chapel Records) 

Ed Harcourt Wolves change rivers from Beyond the end (2018 PIAS Records)

Katherine Priddy Wolf from Wolf EP (2018 Katherine Priddy)

David Berkeley Wolves in the wings from The Faded Red and Blue EP (2018 David Berkeley)

Lera Lynn featuring Shovels and Rope Wolf like me from Plays well with others: a duets album (2018 Single Lock Records) 

Rosanne Cash The only thing worth fighting for from She remembers everything (2018 Blue Note Records) 

Jess Morgan Christmas Eve digital download single (2014 Amateur Boxer Records)

Tom McRae Wonderful Christmastime from Word of Mouth: 15 quality new tracks for winter 2004 from Word magazine 

Jeff Tweedy Bombs above from Warm (2018 dBpm Records)

Daniel Romano Empty husk from Finally Free (2018 New West Records)

Rachel Baiman Thanksgiving from Thanksgiving EP (2018 Free Dirt Records) 

Will Varley All those stars from Spirit of Minnie (2018 Xtra Mile Recordings)

Peter James Millson Better than before from Low Key (to be released May 2019)

B.D Harrington Out of reach from Then All Was Still EP (2018 

The Howard Hughes Suite Lost and found from Stereodrome (2016 The Howard Hughes Suite) 

The Trials of Cato Gloria from Hide and Hair (2018 Water Records)

William the Conqueror The curse of friends from Bleeding on the soundtrack (2019 Loose Music) 

Yvonne Lyon I believe in Christmas single with Dear December (2018 Yvonne Lyon) 

Trevor Moss and Hannah Lou Everything you need from Fair Lady London (2018 Maiden Voyage Recording Co) 

Over the Rhine Blood oranges in snow from Blood oranges in snow (2014 Great Speckled Dog) 

Me for Queen Snow on snow from Loose End (2018 Me for Queen) 

Sam Baker Snow from Cotton (2009 Music Road Records) 

Show of Hands The Preacher from Where we’re bound: the setlist album (2018 Hands on Music) 

Kitty MacFarlane Wrecking days from Namer of clouds (2018 Navigator Records) 

Grace Petrie Baby Blue from Queer as folk (2018 Robot needs a home) 

Dan Rauchwerk Tears shaped liked islands  featuring Caitlin Mahoney from We are move than what we leave behind (2018 Dan Rauchwerk) 

Luluc Genius from Sculptor (2018 Sub Pop Records) 

Laura Gibson Slow joker grin from Goners (2018 City Slang Records) 

Loudon Wainwright III Christmas morning from Social Studies (1999 Rykodisc) 

I’m with Her See you around from See you around (2018 Rounder Records)