14 September 2021 playlist

Bonny Light Horseman The Roving from Bonny Light Horseman (2020 37d03d) http://www.bonnylighthorseman.com Elles  Bailey Cheats and Liars digital download single (2021 Outlaw Music) http://www.ellesebailey.com The Frank Burkitt Band World King from Silvereye (2021 Frank Burkitt Music) http://www.frankburkitt.co.nz The Knights of Mentis Jonny from New Pound Coin (2013 Knights of Mentis) http://www.theknightsofmentis.bandcamp.com Show of Hands Arrogance […]

31 August 2021 playlist

The Felice Brothers To Do List from From Dreams To Dust (2021 Yep Roc Records) http://www.thefelicebrothers.com  Madi Diaz History of a Feeling from History of a Feeling (2021 Anti Records) http://www.madidiaz.com Flo Perlin Back in Time from Characters (2021 Flo Perlin) http://www.floperlin.com Andrew Howie California from Pale White Branches (2021 Autoclave Records) http://www.andrew-howie.com  Chris Cleverley […]

17 August 2021 playlist

Jess Morgan Familiar Shoulders from Everything I Did Last Year (Singles Collection) (2019 Jess Morgan) http://www.jessmorgan.co.uk  Grace Petrie Storm To Weather from Connectivity (2021 Robot Needs A Home Collective) http://www.gracepetrie.com Son Volt Livin’ in the USA from Electro Melodier (2021 Transmit Sound) http://www.sonvolt.net Nathan Bell To Each of Us (a shadow) (featuring Patty Griffin) from […]

3 August 2021 playlist

Chris Wood Caesar from Handmade Life (2010, R.U.F Records) http://www.chriswoodmusic.co.uk  The Little Unsaid Some Miracle from Flux (2021 Reveal Records) http://www.thelittleunsaid.com Anna Tivel Two Dark Horses from Blue World (2021 Fluff and Gravy Records) http://www.annativel.com Allison Russell All of the Women from Outside Child (2021 Fantasy Records) http://www.allisonrussellmusic.com  Dar Williams If I Wrote You from […]

20 July 2021 playlist

Josienne Clarke Super Recogniser from A Small Unknowable Thing (2021 Corduroy Punk Records) http://www.josienneclarke.com  Rachel Baiman Cycles from Cycles (2021 Signature Sounds) http://www.rachelbaiman.com The Little Unsaid The Great Nowhere from Lick The Futures Lips (2021 Reveal Records) http://www.thelittleunsaid.com Christina Alden and Alex Patterson Hunter from Hunter (2021 Christina Alden and Alex Patterson) http://www.christinaaldenandalexpatterson.com  The Self […]

6 July 2021 playlist

Eleanor McEvoy The DJ from Early Hours (2004 Market Square Records) http://www.eleanormcevoy.com  Peter Bruntnell Lucifer Morning Star from Journey to the sun (2021 Domestico Records) http://www.peterbruntnell.net Hiss Golden Messenger Sanctuary from Quietly Blowing It (2021 Merge Records) http://www.hissgoldenmessenger.com  Alison Russell Montreal from Outside Child (2021 Fantasy Records) http://www.allisonrussellmusic.com  Maz O’Connor and Vulpes Soho digital download […]

22 June 2021 playlist

The Reflection Box The Listeners from Notes From The Wonderground (2021The Reflection Box) http://www.thereflectionbox.bandcamp.com  Adrian Crowley Northbound Stowaway from The Watchful Eye of the Stars (2021 Chemikal Underground) http://www.adriancrowley.com Declan O’Rourke The Stars Over Kinvara from Arrivals (2021 East West Records) http://www.declanorourke.com Allison Russell Persephone from Outside Child (2021 Fantasy Records) http://www.allisonrussellmusic.com  Cassandra Jenkins New […]

8 June 2021 playlist

Ben Harper Better Way from Both Sides of the Gun (2006 Virgin Records) http://www.benharper.com Josienne Clarke Sit Out digital download single from A Small Unknowable Thing (2021 Corduroy Punk Records) http://www.josienneclarke.com Declan O’Rourke The Harbour from Arrivals (2021 East West Records) http://www.declanorourke.com Alison Russell Nightflyer from Outside Child (2021 Fantasy Records) http://www.allisonrussellmusic.com Mipso Just want […]

11 May 2021 playlist

Liz Simmons Adventurer from Poets (2021 Liz Simmons) http://www.lizsimmons.net  Rose Cousins The Expert from Bravado (2020 Outside Music) http://www.rosecousins.com Evangeline Gentle Even If from Evangeline Gentle (2020 Sonic Unyon) http://www.evangelinegentlemusic.com Neilson Hubbard Fall Into My Arms from Digging Up The Scars (2021) http://www.neilsonhubbard.com  Steven Adams and the French Drops Note To Self from Keep It […]