14 March 2023 playlist

Rev Sekou and the Holy Ghost The revolution has come from The revolution has come (2016 Farfetched) http://www.wearefarfetched.net  Segue http://www.aoifeodonovan.com  http://www.craigfinn.net  http://www.rachelbaiman.com  Segue http://www.hollytaymar.co.uk  http://www.dan-whitehouse.com    http://www.tornsail1.bandcamp.com  Segue http://www.paulsmith-music.co.uk  http://www.hackpoetsguild.com  http://www.jakeblount.com  Will Pound and Jenn Butterworth Better Things from Volume 1 (2023 Lulu Bug) http://www.willpound.com  http://www.jennbutterworth.co.uk  Fiona Brice And I Know You Care from And… Read More 14 March 2023 playlist

28 February 2023 playlist

Chris Wood Come down Jehovah from Trespasser (2007 RUF Records) http://www.chriswoodmusic.co.uk  Margo Price Turn It On from Dig Me In, Dig Me Out: a Sleater-Kinney Covers album (2020 Sleater-Kinney) Eleanor McEvoy The DJ from Naked Music (2015 Moscomusic) http://www.eleanormcevoy.com Chip Taylor On The Radio digital download single (2020 Train Wreck Records) http://www.trainwreckrecords.com  Lady Maisery Honest… Read More 28 February 2023 playlist

17 January 2023 playlist

Beth Orton Friday Night from Weather Alive (2022 Partisan Records) http://www.bethortonofficial.com  Karine Polwart Only One Way from Faultlines (2003 Neon Productions) http://www.karinepolwart.com Bert Jansch Crimson Moon from Just A Simple Soul (BMG Records) http://www.bertjansch.com Kelly Bayfield Vapour Trails from Wave Machine (2023 Self Released) http://www.kellybayfield.co.uk  Sarah Harmer Tether from All Our Names (2004 Zoe Records)… Read More 17 January 2023 playlist

3 January 2023 playlist

If you didn’t hear the live broadcast you can take a listen here Josienne Clarke The month of January from Now and Then EP (2022 Corduroy Punk Records) http://www.josienneclarke.com Hoth Brothers January from Workin’ and Dreamin’ (2019 Hoth Brothers) http://www.hothbrothers.com Lau vs Karine Polwart January Man from Evergreen EP (2012 Hegri Music) http://www.karinepolwart.com  http://www.lau-music.com  Spencer… Read More 3 January 2023 playlist

20 December 2022 playlist – tracks from favourite releases of the year (Part 2)

The Albion Christmas Band If I Were A Carpenter from All Are Gathered Safely In (2022 Talking Elephant Records) http://www.albionchristmas.co.uk  Katie Spencer The Edge of the Land from The Edge of the Land (2022 Lightship Records) http://www.katiespencer.net Tomberlin I Don’t Know Who Needs to Hear This from IDKWNTHT (2022 Saddle Creek) http://www.tomberlinmusic.com The Magpies Sweet… Read More 20 December 2022 playlist – tracks from favourite releases of the year (Part 2)

6 December 2022 playlist: favourite albums and EP’s of the year (Part 1)

Hannah Rarity My Friend from To Have You Near (2022 Hannah Rarity) http://www.hannahrarity.com Hurray for the Riff Raff Life on Earth from Life on Earth (2022 Nonesuch Records) http://www.hurrayfortheriffraff.com  The Furrow Collective Hallsway Carol from The Longest Night EP (2022 Hudson Records)  http://www.thefurrowcollective.co.uk Beth Orton Unwritten from Weather Alive (2022 Partisan Records) http://www.bethortonofficial.com Logan Farmer… Read More 6 December 2022 playlist: favourite albums and EP’s of the year (Part 1)

22 November 2022 playlist

The Self Help Group Smile Club from Dead Stars (2015 Union Music Store) http://www.theselfhelpgroup.bandcamp.com  Laidback Dreamers (featuring Thea Gilmore) Video killed the radio star digital download single (2021 Mighty Village) Rachael Dadd Children of the galaxy from Kaleidoscope (2022 Memphis Industries) http://www.rachaeldadd.bandcamp.com Macie Stewart Mouthful of glass from Mouthful of glass (2022 Full Time Hobby)… Read More 22 November 2022 playlist