Quiet Reviews

Here’s what others have to say about the Quiet Revolution.

“Always a good sign when the barometer of taste plays your songs” Tobias Ben Jacob and Lukas Drinkwater

“I’m always really proud when a song I’ve written gets played out on the Quiet Revolution. Adam’s playlist curation is thoughtful and discerning, it feels just an enormous privilege to be part of it and to have the support of the show. I’m a fan of the show and regularly turn to Adam’s lists for inspiration for new music to get lost in” Jess Morgan

“The Quiet Revolution harks back to a different era of radio. Before playlists, marketing and demographics took over, the listener would trust the DJ to introduce them to new music. What I love about Adam’s show is he will play lesser known artists like me alongside global superstars. It’s a show with integrity and it’s simply about the music. I’m honoured to be played on it and as a listener myself I’ve discovered some great new artists through the show. Vive la Quiet Revolution” Matt Hill

“Adam has a great ear and enthusiasm for new music, which he curates beautifully. His gentle delivery makes me come back regularly to the Quiet Revolution, whether live or on MixCloud. Each time I tune in I find something new that I love. Thanks for playing me Adam, and for all the inspiration” Alan Young (Serious Child)

 “Adam Wilson lends a voice to the unsung heroes of Americana, lend him your ears, you won’t be disappointed“ Paul McClure

“Always supportive and always eclectic the Quiet Revolution is two hours of the best bands you never knew you liked and now want to hear much more about. Southern Tenant Folk Union are honoured to have been played on the show in the past, not least because it’s led to some great live shows for the band. Keep on spinning Adam!” Pat McGarvey (Southern Tenant Folk Union)

‘The world is awash with internet radio stations, but every once in a while you find a diamond in the rough, and that’s Adam’s show in a nutshell. Love tuning in and I do so regularly to find out what’s going down” Jason McNiff

“Adam modestly calls it a Quiet Revolution but the records he plays and the way he frames them, his gentle tones and sensitive insights certainly rings loudly and resonates with me” Dan Whitehouse

Forget the French Revolution! Forget the Russian Revolution! Even forget The Beatles’ “Revolution”! If you’re seeking a true people’s revolutionary soundtrack (and some revolutionary idealism with it), the only show in town is Adam Wilson’s Quiet Revolution. Adam plays today the music other folk shows will be playing tomorrow, and his show always makes for a great listen. Don’t miss it! Greg McDonald (Glymjack)

“The Quiet Revolution, Adam Wilson’s baby, is patently a labour of love. You can tell that he’s a lover of the intimate. His musical selections mostly whisper their charms, but always grab you, very gently, by the heart. And squeeze. Most importantly he champions the underdog; writers who should be centre stage but abide in the fringes.God bless him for casting a light upon them.Long live his quiet revolution”  Trevor Jones 

“He’s costing me a bloody fortune in new CD’s!”  Mark Howson

“The Quiet Revolution is a wonderful little box of eclectic treasures for the ears – some newly discovered, others carefully unearthed – all thoughtfully and intelligently linked in Adam Wilson’s listenable, understated style. Always a great pleasure to dip into, be informed by and occasionally share airwaves with other quiet revolutionaries.” Charlie Dore

“Adam Wilson plays a wonderfully eclectic mix of material on his Quiet Revolution show. It’s introduced me to a bunch of superb artists I’d never have known about otherwise, and I’m chuffed and honoured that my own music has been featured in such excellent company! Thank you, Adam!”  Sarah McQuaid

“I’m so glad to have Adam over the pond, championing my creations and leading the charge in the quiet revolution of song. He’s a top notch curator and a loyal support. Vive la révolution tranquille!” Rachel Ries

“A finer handpicked selection of the best acoustic roots and folk artists is harder to find” Kenneth J.Nash

“Adam is a music connoisseur whose knowledge impresses and informs in equal measure. After all this time I shouldn’t be surprised but he still frequently introduces acts and artists that are new to me. In an increasingly corporate musical world shows like the Quiet Revolution are invaluable and essential listening” Martin Fitzgibbon

“Adam and the Quiet Revolution have been so supportive of my music over the years and I’m honoured to be included on their radio programme amongst so many great artists” Emily Barker

“It was a joy to play live and chat with Adam Wilson on the Quiet Revolution. This programme is an education, an eclectic mix of music that’s good for the soul. It’s the place to go to find your next favourite album” Dave Wilson (Winter Wilson)

“I don’t think there’s a single record that Adam Wilson hasn’t heard. Always a lot of fun chatting to him about the little details that make great music. A real champion of real music”  Peter James Millson

“I just love the variety and care that Adam Wilson puts into the Quiet Revolution, it’s always such a diverse yet seamless selection of music with real depth and perception. Just brilliant” Ange Hardy

“Adam Wilson is one of those rare individuals who is not bound by any one genre, but rather by a deep and abiding love of music, no matter what the style. I have known him since the early days of my career, and not only has he been willing to take a chance on new artists, but more importantly has stuck by these artists, myself included, through all their musical growth and changes in sound and genre. Thanks”  Anna Coogan

“What a delight it was to be invited to chat and perform for the Quiet Revolution. Adam is a true music fan, has excellent taste in all kinds of music and made us feel very welcome” Kristine Wilkinson-Hughes (My Girl The River)

“The Quiet Revolution is superbly curated by Adam Wilson with music that crosses the singer-songwriter, folk, americana, alt-country, world and blues genres. The playlists feature a wide selection of songs from both firmly established and newer or under the radar acts and Adam selects songs that flow and compliment each other seamlessly yet also manage to span a range of moods and vibes. Always a great listen with old favourites and a chance to discover new artists. I highly recommend tuning in” Rachel Taylor-Beales

“A gentle journey across the shimmering sea of musical gems. Thank you for some of my favourite recent discoveries” Daria Kulesh

“Adam Wilson’s Quiet Revolution on HFM Radio is one of my favourite programmes. It’s a great vehicle for discovering new artists, and it’s wonderful to see a station that still makes an effort to support independent artists and include them in the playlist week after week. I consider myself fortunate to have discovered Adam’s programme, both as an artist and a listener” Vanessa Peters

Adam Wilson’s Quiet Revolution is a one of a kind radio show. Featuring roots and folk music from musicians across the globe, Adam’s focus on social justice and peace is a much-needed respite and inspiration in today’s world. His warm, soft-spoken voice and commentary make for enjoyable listening throughout the show and his choice of music is high calibre and introduces me to many artists I love who I might not otherwise have heard. Personally, I am deeply grateful for his commitment to sharing my music and raising my artist profile in the UK. Adam is a support and friend to many artists and I am blessed to have him play Rise Up on Quiet Revolution Erika Kulnys