Time machine: looking back on 14 years of the show

I’ve borrowed the title of this post from the wonderful Jess Morgan song of the same name. Jess has been someone whose music I’ve been a massive fan of for years and she’s often graced the playlists of the show. And time machine seemed to capture the reflective nature of this blog post, as I find myself able to say the Quiet Revolution is a long running radio show.

Anyway what I was going to talk about was a long-standing promo I recorded for the show to be played by other presenters on their shows to trail the programme. The promo served me well for years and it’s possible I might even have still been using it had the time of the show not changed!

What I was trying to do with the promo was to give a flavour of the kind of music you might expect if you tuned into the Quiet Revolution. It was an attempt to capture the musical genres covered on the show. But what to go for? I ended up going for Eric Bibb’s Kokomo to highlight the contemporary blues components of the playlist, Show of Hands Roots for folk/roots and I’m pretty certain I chose Kathleen Edwards Hockey Skates as a representative of the americana/alt-country genre. Although I could be misremembering on the latter. If you have a better recall than me please post here and let me know or on Twitter.

And I couldn’t resist including Jess Morgan’s superb song in this post…

And it got me thinking. Perhaps it’s time to put together another show promo with some music on it, the one that’s being used at the moment is rather, er, minimalist. I’ll give it some thought…

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