The Quiet Revolution’s albums of the year: mid-year review

It’s that time again. Just over 6 months into 2019 and it’s been another superb year for music as far as I’m concerned. Here are my favourite releases to date.

They’re not in any order of preference, I like them all as much. I’ve merely added numbers to make it a more friendly on the eye list.

Please do feel free to comment and start a discussion going. And let me know what your favourite releases are…

  1. William the Conqueror: Bleeding on the soundtrack (Loose Music)
  2. Grace Petrie: Queer as folk (Robot needs a home)
  3. Lau: Midnight and Closedown (Reveal Records)
  4. Marry Waterson and Emily Barker: A window to other ways (One Little Indian)
  5. Harbottle and Jonas: The sea is my brother (Brook View Records)
  6. Katie Spencer: Weather Beaten (KRS Music)
  7. Jeremy Tuplin: Pink Mirror (Trapped Animal Records)
  8. The Delines: The Imperial (Decor Records)
  9. Kalyn Fay: Good Company (Horton Records)
  10. Peter James Millson: Low-key (Significant Records)
  11. Megson: Con-tra-dic-shun (EDJ Records)
  12. Abigail Lapell: Getaway (Coax Records)
  13. Buffalo Blood: Buffalo Blood (Eel Pie Records)
  14. Pete Gow: Here there’s no sirens (Clubhouse Records)
  15. Lula Wiles: Love gone wrong (Smithsonian Folkways Recordings)
  16. Sir Silence and Lady Hush: It’s time she said (Hushland Records)
  17. Andrew Bird: My finest work yet (Lorna Vista Recordings)
  18. Danni Nicholls: The Melted Morning (Danni Nicholls)
  19. Sean Taylor: The Path into the blue (Sean Taylor)
  20. Damien Jurado: In the shape of a storm (Loose Music)
  21. Mike Vass: Save his calm (Unroofed Records)
  22. Odette Michell: The Wildest Rose (Odette Michell)
  23. Jacob and Drinkwater: This Old River (Polyphonic Records)
  24. Jones: Carver’s Law (Meme Records)
  25. Her Crooked Heart: To love to leave to live (Her Crooked Heart)
  26. Anna Tivel: The Question (Fluff and Gravy Records)
  27. Humbird: Pharmakon (Humbird)
  28. The Alvarez Theory: The Alvarez Theory (Alvarez Theory)
  29. Glen Hansard: This Wild Willing (Anti Records)
  30. Ryan Bingham: American Love Song (Axter Bingham Records)
  31. Son Volt: Union (Transmit Sound)
  32. Josh Ritter: Fever Beats (Pytheas Recordings)
  33. The Little Unsaid: Atomise (Reveal Records)
  34. Tiny Ruins: Olympic Girls (Bella Union Records)
  35. Edgelarks: Feather (Dragonfly Roots Records)
  36. Peter Bruntnell: King of Madrid (Domestico Records)
  37. Kenneth J Nash: The Explorer EP (Old Hotel Records)
  38. Caroline Spence: Mint Condition (Rounder Records)
  39. The Tallest Man on Earth: I love you, it’s a fever dream (Birds Records)
  40. Paul McClure: Market Town (Clubhouse Records)
  41. Nev Cottee: River’s Edge (Wonderful Sound)
  42. Harry Harris: I feel drunk all the time (Harry Harris)
  43. Norrie McCulloch: Compass (Black Dust Records)
  44. Carly Dow: Comet (Carly Dow)
  45. Findlay Napier and Megan Henwood: The Story Song Scientists EP (Dharma Records)
  46. The Felice Brothers: Undress (Yep Roc)
  47. Jamie Freeman: Dreams of falling (Union Music Label)
  48. Emily Mae Winters: High Romance (Emily Mae Winters)
  49. Bill Callahan: Shepherd in a sheepskin vest (Drag City)
  50. The Willows: Through the wild (Elk Records)