Albums of the year 2018 – the ones that got away!

After publishing my albums of the year there are always some that got away. Albums that in error I’d not included in my list or those that I simply hadn’t had a chance to hear yet. I’ve not done too badly this year. Three additions to my original lengthy favourites list. I’m kind of encouraged to learn that having a long list of favourite releases isn’t unique to me. John Mulvey, editor of Mojo magazine’s own personal favourite releases of last year was longer than mine so I feel I’m in good company.

Anyway here are my additions.

Sweet Billy Pilgrim – Wapentak : erroneously missed off my original list. Now corrected.

Doug Paisley – Starter Home: I’ve loved all of Doug’s previous albums, just didn’t get to this one fast enough!

Neilson Hubbard – Cumberland Island: Producer in demand for Quiet Revolution faves like Dean Owens and Caroline Spence. Like Doug’s album I didn’t get to hear it until too late. Now rectified I’m delighted to say.

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