My favourite albums of 2018 so far- first instalment

The first 6 months of this year has seen the release of many great albums, EP’s and singles. Here I highlight some of my favourites this far in.

Sarah McQuaid – If we dig any deeper it could get dangerous

Jess Morgan – Aston Expressway, kiss me quick digital download single

Dean Owens – Southern Wind 

Gem Andrews – North 

Faeland – All my swim

Jim Ghedi – A Hymn for Ancient Land

Bennett Wilson Poole – Bennett Wilson Poole

Don Gallardo – Still Here

Kings of the South Seas – Franklin 

Alela Diane – Cusp

Zoe Mulford – Small brown birds

Josienne Clark and Ben Walker – Seedlings All

H.C McEntire – Lionheart

Winter Wilson – Far off on the horizon 

Jerry Leger – Nonsense and heartache 

Orphan Colours – All on red

Stick in the Wheel – Follow them true

Brandi Carlile – By the way, I forgive you

Fran Wyburn – Wood for the trees

Hannah Read – Way out I’ll wander

I’m Kingfisher – Transit

Dan Hartland – Great Novels

The Rheingans Sisters – Bright Field

Greg Russell and Ciaran Algar – Utopia and Wasteland

Chris Smither – Call me lucky

Michael McDermott – Out from under it

Glymjack – Light the evening fire

Eamon O’Leary – All Souls

The Little Unsaid – Selected Works 

Ma Polaine’s Great Decline – The Outsider

The Mammals – Sunshiner 

The Equatorial Group – Apricity

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