Abums of the year and songs of the year

I know there’s still a month or so to go however I’m going to soon begin compiling my albums and EP’s of the year. I’ve already begun to do this for the first six months of 2017 and posted them on earlier blogs which I hope you’ve had the chance to check out.

2017 has undoubtedly proved another superb year for music across the folk, americana and alt-country genres, which are the most played types of music on the Quiet Revolution. As there are so many releases I’d consider my favourites of the year I’m going to make it one or a maximum of three longer blogs in more of a list form this time around. I will though provide a link to a track from each artist or band thus continuing with the format for the more extensive write-ups I’ve provided in previous years .

Added to this I’m going to try something new and highlight what I regard as some of the songs of the year for me. They’re going to be drawn from my favourite albums or EPs but will be those real standout songs that I’ve found myself playing on the show and at home a lot.

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