6 September playlist

Good Luck Mountain ‘More than a feeling’ from Good Luck Mountain (2011 LLC)


The Roches ‘Hammond Song’ from The Roches (1979 Warner Brothers Records)


Hannah Sanders and Ben Savage ‘Lay them down’ from Before the sun (2016 Sungrazing Records)


Nancy Kerr ‘Never ever lay them down’ from Sweet Visitor (2014 Little Dish Records)


Southern Tenant Folk Union ‘What would you give for a leader with soul?’ from What would you give for a leader with soul EP (2016 Johnny Rock Records)


Darlingside ‘White horses’ from Birds Say (2016 More Doug Records)


Joan Shelley ‘Cost of the cold’ from Sounds of the New West: the class of 2016 free with the September 2016 issue of music magazine Uncut


Dan Whitehouse ‘The little left unsaid’ from That’s where I belong (2016 Reveal Records)


Kris Drever ‘Five past two’ from If wishes were horses (2016 Reveal Records)


Ian Carr and the various artists ‘Who he?’ from Who he? (2014 Reveal Records)


Erika Kulnys ‘Burning the furniture’ from Rise up (2016 Erika Kulnys)


King Creosote ‘Melin wynt’ from Astronaut meets apple man (2016 Domino Records)


Curse of Lono ‘He takes my place’ from Curse of Lono EP (2016 Submarine Cat Records)


Chip Taylor ‘Time goes by’ from ‘Little brothers’ (2016 Trainwreck Records)


Jenny Whiteley ‘$100 dollars’ from The original Jenny Whiteley’ (2016 Black Hen Records)

Hannah James ‘Treasures’ from Jigdoll (2016 Rootbeat Records)


Jez Hellard and the Djukella Orchestra ‘Borders’ from Heavy wood (2015 Djukella Records)


Coope Boyes and Simpson ‘If we were them’ from Coda (2016 No-Masters Co-operative)


Rachel Ries ‘Anchor’ from Cardinal (Rouen EP) (2016 Rachel Ries)


Ruth Theodore ‘The carcass and the pride’ from Cactacus (2016 Aveline Records)


Martyn Joseph ‘Nye’ from Sweet Liberties (2016 Quercus Records)


The Lucky Strikes ‘Gone gone’ from The motion and the moving on (2016 Harbour Song Records)




Author: Adam Wilson

I'm a radio presenter with a taste for folk, americana, alt-country, world and blues. I broadcast a fortnightly long running show called The Quiet Revolution on HFM Radio, the local community radio station for Market Harborough, South Leicestershire and North Northamptonshire in the UK East Midlands. You can also listen to the show on 102.3 FM if you live in our transmission area, through your smart speaker and via the HFM Radio and Tune In Radio apps or online at www.harboroughfm.co.uk

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