Possibly one of the most beautiful songs ever

I first discovered Kate and Anna McGarrigle’s Talk to me of Mendocino through Linda Ronstadt’s fantastic take on the song which was included on her 1983 album Get Closer. Thus began my love affair with this sublime slice of songwriting.

It was actually further down the line I listened to the McGarrigle’s original. Then I fell in love with the song all over again.

Additionally, it’s a song that has a resonance and gone on to hold a certain poignancy for me, as it became one of my partner’s favourite songs. Six months on from losing her it’s continued to be a warm hug, a comfort blanket, a relaxing warm bath of a song. And that has been undoubtedly helped by a new iteration of the song and, what a gorgeous one it is. I’m referring to two of my favourite artists, John Smith and Katherine Priddy’s recent single release. It’s in fact achieved the status of being the definitive version of Talk to me of Mendocino for me.

Thank you to John and Katherine for creating one of my songs of the year, out of one of my favourite songs all time.

You can listen to the song and watch the fine video below

There’s a superb blog about John and Katherine’s version here….


More about John and Katherine on their respective websites



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