What I’m currently listening to

As you can imagine I listen to a lot of music. A great deal of what I’ve been investigating finds itself woven into my playlists for the show. Here’s an update of some of the things I’ve been enjoying lately.

I’ve loved Matt Hill’s music since, via Kirsty McGee, stumbling upon his records under the name Quiet Loner. Do explore them if they are new to you. Since the QL days there have been two ace solo albums. And now a superb collaboration with Emma Thorpe and Huw Costin as The Low Drift.

Check out Deadwood from their self-titled debut release below. Find out more about them at www.thelowdrift.com

Suthering are a new name to me, comprising Julu Irving and Heb Brignall and I think their debut release, Gather, is just fantastic. Wonderful vocals and fine songwriting. Find out more at http://www.suthering.com

Tamara Lindeman a.k.a The Weather Station has regularly occupied a place on my show playlist’s since I first encountered her beautiful music. This is from her forthcoming album, a kind of companion piece to last year’s Ignorance album (one of my favourite albums of 2021 by the way. Check those out here https://adamwilsonsquietrevolution.net/2021/11/19/the-quiet-revolution-albums-of-the-year-2/ and here https://adamwilsonsquietrevolution.net/2021/12/28/the-quiet-revolution-favourite-albums-of-the-year-the-five-that-got-away/

The new record is called How It Is I Look At The Stars. Having heard the song below, I’m in high anticipation of hearing the rest of the album.

Niamh Regan I discovered through a welcome recommendation by the multi-talented Alec Bowman-Clarke.

Do check out Alec’s website here http://www.alecbowmanclarke.com. It was a Bandcamp Friday, and I bought a copy of Niamh’s brilliant Hemet album.

Niamh has an EP out In the Meantime. This song is from it. Expect tracks to insinuate their way into shows over the next few months. You can find out more at http://www.niamhregan.com

I was delighted to see that Carson McHone was putting out a new album, Still Life. I enjoyed her Carousel album in 2018 however, this one is even better and destined for my favourite releases of 2022, when the time comes!

You can check out her website at http://www.carsonmchonemusic.com

Jake Xerxes Fussell can be a name you have to really think about pronouncing and not stumbling over when you play him on the radio. He is kind of old-timey and contemporary at the same time! This is one of many quality tracks from his latest release Good and Green Again.

His website can be found at http://www.jakexerxesfussell.com

Jana Horn is a recent musical encounter for me. She records for No Quarter which is a pretty good assurance of quality. And she’s great. This song is the title track of her album.

If you fancy exploring further head to http://www.janahorn.bandcamp.com

Not new but one that has become relevant and resonated with me recently, sadly. Southern Tenant Folk Union and To The War from their Join Forces album.

Their website can be found at http://www.southerntenantfolkunion.com

Chris Pureka, whose music I’ve liked lots for some years now, slipped out her latest record at the end of 2021. Regrettably, it managed to slip underneath my usually fine-tuned radar! You will, rest assured, be hearing tracks on future shows. It’s from her album of the same name on the fantastically named Sad Rabbit Records.

More at http://www.chrispureka.com

And finally, for now, another big favourite on the show, Josienne Clarke and Workhorse. Great video from Alec Bowman-Clarke. And a fine song. It can be found on her latest Corduroy Punk Records EP I Promised You Light.

Josienne’s website is at http://www.josienneclarke.com

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