Songs of the Year 2021

Here’s a Spotify playlist of my songs of the year.

I strongly urge you to buy albums from the artists on the playlist that you particularly like. Wherever possible do please buy from the artist direct through their website, Bandcamp, at a gig or through an independent record store.

There are quite understandably some artists who feature in my songs of the year who don’t wish to put their music up on Spotify. I wholly support that and the #BrokenRecord campaign hence my recommendation to buy albums from the artists after discovery their music through the playlist.

I’ve added links to the artists I haven’t been able to include in the list below, where I’ve been able to find a YouTube video.

Matt Hill – King of Liars
Jezz Hellard & The Djukella Orchestra – Foodbanks & Ferraris
Malcolm MacWatt (featuring Jaimee Harris) – Avalanche & Landslide

2 thoughts on “Songs of the Year 2021

  1. Huge huge thanks for this, Adam! Lovely to see Lawrence Illsley’s album on there too!


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