16 February 2021 playlist

The Jellyman’s Daughter I Won’t Be Going Anywhere single (2020 Boat Duck Records)


Sarah McQuaid The silence above us single from The St Buryan Sessions (2021 A Shovel and a Spade)


Lawrence Illsley Ogres single from Trees (2021 Tiny Trees Records)


Kitty MacFarlane Half wild single (2021 Gilded Lily Records)


Ned Roberts Old Folk Song from From the reels: 2012-2020(2021 Ned Roberts)


Eamon O’Leary The Living Stream from The Silver Sun (2021 Reveal Records)


Chalk Horse Music Along the hidden beach digital download single (2021 Chalk Horse Music)


Amy Speace There used to be horses here (featuring The Orphan Brigade) from There used to be horses here (2021 Proper Records)


James Yorkston and the Secondhand Orchestra There is no upside from The Wide Wide River (2021 Domino Records)


Cassandra Jenkins Hard drive from An Overview On Phenomenal Nature (2020 Ba Da Bing!)


Annabel Chvostek Halfway through from String of Pearls (2021 MQGV)


The Weather Station Trust from Ignorance (2020 Fat Possum Records)


Michael Feuerstack  Call of the tired from Harmonise the moon (2020 Forward Music)


John Smith featuring Sarah Jarosz Eye to Eye from The Fray (2021 Commoner Records/Thirty Tigers)


Laura Fell Glad from Safe From Me (2021 Balloon Machine Records)


Allison Russell By your side  from By Your Side/Landslide single (2021 Fantasy Records) 


Katherine Priddy True love will find you in the end digital download single (2021 Katherine Priddy)


Christian Lee Hutson Dancing Queen from The Version Suicides Vol.1 – Single (2021 Anti Records)


Jon Wilks Edward from Up The Cut (2021 Jon Wilks)


Katy Rose Bennett Darling, Dear Darling single (2021 Katy Rose Bennett)


Rosanne Reid Tentsmuir Sky single (2021 Last Man Music)


Time machine: looking back on 14 years of the show

I’ve borrowed the title of this post from the wonderful Jess Morgan song of the same name. Jess has been someone whose music I’ve been a massive fan of for years and she’s often graced the playlists of the show. And time machine seemed to capture the reflective nature of this blog post, as I find myself able to say the Quiet Revolution is a long running radio show.

Anyway what I was going to talk about was a long-standing promo I recorded for the show to be played by other presenters on their shows to trail the programme. The promo served me well for years and it’s possible I might even have still been using it had the time of the show not changed!

What I was trying to do with the promo was to give a flavour of the kind of music you might expect if you tuned into the Quiet Revolution. It was an attempt to capture the musical genres covered on the show. But what to go for? I ended up going for Eric Bibb’s Kokomo to highlight the contemporary blues components of the playlist, Show of Hands Roots for folk/roots and I’m pretty certain I chose Kathleen Edwards Hockey Skates as a representative of the americana/alt-country genre. Although I could be misremembering on the latter. If you have a better recall than me please post here and let me know or on Twitter.

And I couldn’t resist including Jess Morgan’s superb song in this post…

And it got me thinking. Perhaps it’s time to put together another show promo with some music on it, the one that’s being used at the moment is rather, er, minimalist. I’ll give it some thought…

Some Quiet Revolution favourites from the last 14 years

I freely admit I’m indulging in some nostalgia but it’s been good to look back and recall previous playlists for the show and some of the artists I’ve featured. Many have been core artists through the last 14 years. The idea of this post is to draw attention to some of those songs from playlists during the first year of the show from February 2007.

The very first Quiet Revolution playlist Tuesday 13 February 2007

I’ve been digging into my archive and found this which was the playlist for the very first Quiet Revolution show.

Steve Earle “The Revolution Starts Now” (from “The Revolution Starts Now”, 2004, Artemis Records)


  1. Peter Bruntnell “Here Come The Swells” (from “Ends of The Earth”, Loose, 2003)
  2. Gillian Welch “Time (The Revelator)” (from “Time (The Revelator)”, 2001, Acony Records)
  3. Kathleen Edwards “Hockey Skates” (from “Failer”, 2003, Zoe Records)


  1. Whiskeytown “Houses on the Hill” (from “Strangers Almanac”, 1997, Outpost Recordings)
  2. Lambchop “Autumn’s Vicar” (from “Is A Woman”, 2002, City Slang Records)


  1. Robert Cray Band “Right Next Door (Because Of Me)” (from “Heavy Picks – The Robert Cray Band Collection”, Mercury, 1999)
  2. Eric Bibb “Kokomo” (from “Painting Signs”, 2005, Manhaton Records)
  3. Guy Davis “What You Doin’?” (from “Give In Kind”, 2002, Red House Records)


  1. Manu Chao “Mentira” (from “Clandenisto”, Virgin, 1998)
  2. Juana Molina “Yo No” (from “Son”, Domino, 2006)

Karine Polwart “I’ve seen it all” (from “Scribbled In Chalk”, Shoeshine Records, 2006)

Hour 2


  1. Tim Van Eycken “Barleycorn” (from “Stiffs, Lovers, Holymen, Thieves”, 2006, Topic Records)
  2. The Proclaimers “I’m Gone” (from “Restless Soul”, 2005, Persevere Records)


  1. Stewboss “Midnight Shift” (from “Sweet Lullaby”, 2002, Flying Sparks)
  2. Heather Eatman “Midnight Shift” (from “Real”, 2001, Eminent Records)


  1. Show of Hands “Crooked Man” (download single) featuring Miranda Sykes from 2004 CD-EP on Hands On Music 
  2. Martyn Joseph “How Did We End Up Here?” (from “Deep Blue”, 2005, Pipe Records)
  3. P.F. Sloan, Frank Black & Buddy Miller “The Eve of Destruction”(From “Sailover”, 2006, Hightone Records)


  1. Sarah McLachlan “Good Enough” (from “The Freedom Sessions”, Nettwerk, 1994)
  2. Loudon Wainwright III “Primrose Hill” (from “Little Ship”, 1997, Virgin Records)

The Bible “Honey Be Good” (from “Eureka”, 1988, Haven Records)

Tunng “Woodcat” (from “Comments of the Inner Chorus”, 2006, Full Time Hobby Records)

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds “Right Now I’m-A-Roaming” (From “B Sides and Rarities”, 1997, Mute Records)

Ain’t it funny how time slips away: 14 years of the Quiet Revolution

Loudon Wainwright III wrote a wonderful song called Unhappy Anniversary which appeared on his rather under-rated More Love Songs album (was it really from 1986?) Well 10 February marked 14 years of HFM Radio being on air and therefore the Quiet Revolution has amazingly been running for the same amount of time. In case you were wondering, 14 years of the show is far from an unhappy anniversary, but it seemed an appropriate-ish song connection, and to be honest it’s always good to have an excuse to shine some light on the music of Loudon Wainwright!

So it would seem I can add the term long-running when referring to the show. Hmm, I’m not sure I was expecting to be able to do that but it’s lovely all the same. I do want to do a modest amount of reminiscing, to borrow the title of a vintage Little River Band song, so I hope you will forgive my indulgence.

I always remember the first song I played on the show. It didn’t take me a great deal of time to decide. The song chose itself really. It was Steve Earle’s The Revolution Starts Now! He was also an artist who offered a helpful nod to the americana that would be one of the central features of the show. Steve’s music circa I ‘Ain’t Ever Satisfied and Copperhead Road were also instrumental to my finding my way into alt-country and americana out of the perhaps unlikely genre of ‘new country’.

Live sessions in the studio have been a key element of the show and hopefully will be again in the future when we emerge blinking into the light from the covid-19 pandemic. I’m not going to try and list everyone who has joined me to play some songs and have a chat however Paul McClure, Dan Whitehouse, Peter James Millson and Kenneth J Nash in particular have been fairly regular contributors to the Quiet Revolution. Lots of live sessions are available on my MixCloud account along with a considerable archive of shows so if you fancy exploring, erm, my back pages (sorry, couldn’t resist a Dylan song title) you can do that by clicking on the Listen Again page.

It’s been a total pleasure to have been able to bring you the show over the last 14 years. I suspect you may have guessed but I’m a massive music fan who is lucky enough to have been given the airtime to introduce you to artists and bands I really like and hoping you’ll enjoy them to. It’s similar perhaps to inviting your friends round to play some records or putting together a mixtape or possibly the modern day equivalent, a playlist. The difference is that you have a man with a beard as your guide talking between the songs and segues offering lots of information about the artists I’ve played. If after listening to a show you end up buying an album or three, going to a gig or even deciding to put on gigs as one long-standing Quiet Revolution regular has done that makes me very happy.

So to conclude, thank you to all the artists and bands who’ve released such fine music since I started the show. There wouldn’t be a show without you. A big thank if you’ve listened to the show, whether since it began or some other point along the way. It makes such a difference for those who listen and get what I’m doing with the show. Finally, please do get in touch with your thoughts about the show. You can post a comment here underneath this blog or if you’re on the Twittersphere I’d be glad to hear from you @awquietrevhfm is my Twitter handle or simply follow the links from any of the pages on my website.

Here’s to the next 14 years. Vive la revolution…

The Quiet Revolution back on HFM Radio from 16 February

I’m delighted to update you with news that the show will be back on air from 9-11pm on HFM Radio starting Tuesday 16 February and thereafter fortnightly.

For the time being the show will be recorded but hopefully the live edition will resume as we move further into 2021.

Hope you can join me and please spread the word.

As always I’ll upload the show post-broadcast to my MixCloud account if you would like to listen again.