My 41 songs of the year

Having posted my favourite albums of the year I felt it was high time I listed my songs of the year. As you’d expect most are taken from my albums of the year which I hope you’ve had a chance to explore.

So these are the songs I’ve listened to most through the year on the show and at home. Just to note, although I’ve numbered them, this is purely for ease of reading and is in no way meant to indicate an order of preference. That’s an impossible task! Have fun investigating these songs.

Since originally posting have made it 41 songs of the year!

  1. Bonny Light Horseman – The Roving
  2. The Lone Bellow – Illegal immigrant
  3. Emma Swift – The soft apocalypse
  4. Salt House – All shall be still
  5. Norma MacDonald – One man band
  6. Arborist – A Northern View
  7. Iris DeMent – Going down to sing in Texas
  8. Serious Child – Long slow distance
  9. Kirsty Merryn – The deep/the wild/the torrent
  10. Sam Carter – Fly the flag
  11. Charlie Dore – Collateral
  12. Clem Snide – Roger Ebert
  13. The Mammals – What it all is
  14. Peter Oren – Loading page
  15. Rose Cousins – The Lullaby (My oldest love)
  16. Jerry Joseph – Dead confederate
  17. Evangeline Gentle – The strongest people have tender hearts
  18. Austin Lucas – Already dead
  19. Robert Vincent – Conundrum
  20. Mary Chapin Carpenter – Between the dirt and the stars
  21. Slow Jane (Katherine Priddy, Jon Wilks, Lukas Drinkwater, Jon Nice) – Northern Sky
  22. Ned Roberts – Slower than the sea
  23. Kirsty Merryn – The wild/the deep/the torrent
  24. Marin Patenaude – Sight Unseen, Part 2
  25. Tom Houston – Child on a plane
  26. Laura Cortese and the Dance Cards – Typhoon
  27. Richard J. Birkin with the London Contemporary Orchestra – Boats
  28. Hannah White & the Nordic Connections – Man without men
  29. Our Man in the Field – I’ll be gone
  30. Matt Hill – Stone and bone
  31. The Rheingans Sisters – The Photograph
  32. Kris Drever – Where the world is thin
  33. Bill Callahan – Pigeons
  34. Laura Veirs – End times
  35. Katy Rose Bennett – Where does it hurt?
  36. Steve Adams and the French Drops – My brother the racist
  37. I’m Kingfisher – Children’s atom bomb
  38. Damien Jurado – Birds tricked into trees
  39. John Moreland – I’m learning how to tell myself
  40. Dan Whitehouse – The state of the English
  41. Emily Barker – Machine

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