28 November 2020 playlist

Megan Henwood Hello/Goodbye digital download single (2020 Dharma Records)


Michael Feuerstack I used to be a singer from Harmonise the moon (2021 Forward Music Group)


Suzzy Roche and Lucy Wainwright Roche Ruins from I can still hear you (2020 Storysound)



Bonny Light Horseman Clementine digital download single (2020 Kill Rock Stars)


Darlingside Denver from Fish Pond Fish (2020 More Doug Records/Thirty Tigers)


Sean Taylor No Borders digital download single (2020 Sean Taylor Songs)


Austin Lucas The truth is supposed to hurt from Alive in the hot zone (2020 Cornelius Chapel Records)


Otis Gibbs Sons and Daughters from Hoosier National (2020 Wanamaker)


Harbottle & Jonas The beacon digital download single (2020 Brook View Records)


Yvonne Lyon Compass Hill from Growing Wild (2020 Yvonne Lyon)


Joan As Policewoman Real life from Home is where the art is: 15 years of Reveal Records 2006-2021 (2020 Reveal Records)


Jon Redfern Give away your heart Part 1 from Home is where the art is: 15 years of Reveal Records 2006-2021 (2020 Reveal Records)


Nels Andrews Shoot out the stars from Home is where the art is: 15 years of Reveal Records 2006-2021 (2020 Reveal Records)


Dan Whitehouse Love is the answer from Home is where the art is: 15 years of Reveal Records 2006-2021 (2020 Reveal Records)



The Ghost of Paul Revere Delirare from Good at losing everything (2020 Rocknsnob)


The Self Help Group Yumi digital download single (The Self Help Group)



Serious Child and Andy Ruddy Talk about the weather digital download single (2020 Four Left Feet Records)



Cunning Folk We are the harvest from A casual invocation (2020 Dharma Records)


Allysen Callery November man from Ghost Folk (2020 Allysen Callery)


Marin Patenaude Sight Unseen Pt. 2 from Sight Unseen (2020 Still Records)


Zoe Wren Cecilia from Reckless River (2020 Zoe Wren)


Faeland Easier from When I close my eyes (2021 PinDrop)


Ma Polaine’s Great Decline Utopia from City of Love (2020 OMH Records)


Richard J Birkin with the London Contemporary Orchestra Boats from matterlightblooming (2020 Reveal Records)


Boo Hewerdine And from digital download single And/11.59 (2020 Reveal Records)


The Weather Station I tried to tell you from Ignorance (2021 Fat Possum)


The Redlands Palomino Company Teenage Fanclub single (2020 Clubhouse Records)


The Magpie Arc Cinibar from EP2 (2020 Collective Perspective)


Martin Simpson Family Reserve from Home Recordings (2020 Topic Records)


Show of Hands with Miranda Sykes and Cormac Byrne Don’t Be A Stranger from Now We Are Four Live (2020 Hands On Music)


Robert Vincent The ending from In this town you’re owned (2020 Thirty Tigers)


Update on live shows

I’d been hopeful that the Quiet Revolution would be able to return to it’s regular fortnightly live broadcasting from 8 December. However, following the announcement of the new lockdown tiers, HFM Radio is extending it’s temporary reduction in programming with each day’s live show’s ending at 9pm. This will of course be reviewed at a later date and I’ll keep you posted.

This won’t stop the show though as I’ll continue to put together shows from home and these will be uploaded to my MixCloud account. If you haven’t checked this out now’s the time to do so.

I’m aiming to upload a new show in the next 2/3 days, then some favourite releases of the year specials and hopefully a programme featuring alternative seasonal songs. Stay tuned and keep and eye here and on Twitter for more.

The Quiet Revolution albums of the year

It’s been an incredibly challenging year yet some incredibly fine records have been released. So this is my complete list of my 82 favourite albums of 2020. They are in no order of preference, that would be pretty much impossible.

This year has been a particularly difficult one for musicians with tours, album launches and festivals cancelled. So if you investigate some of the artists and albums on my list please do buy some of their music, through Bandcamp or direct from the artist wherever possible.

  • Dan Whitehouse – Dreamland tomorrow
  • Arborist – A Northern View
  • Damien Jurado – What’s new tomboy?
  • John Moreland – LP5 
  • Tom Houston – Gap in the fence
  • Courtney Marie Andrews – Old Flowers
  • Ian Roland and the Subtown Set – Double Rainbow
  • Evangeline Gentle – Evangeline Gentle
  • Emma Swift – Blonde on the tracks
  • Gillian Welch and David Rawlings – All the good times are past and gone
  • Our Man in the Field – The company of strangers
  • H.C. McEntire – Eno Axis
  • I’m Kingfisher – The past has begun
  • Josienne Clarke – Historical Record Vol 1 & 2
  • Josienne Clarke – Historical Record Vol 3 & 4 Learning to sail
  • Austin Lucas – Alive in the hot zone
  • Emily Barker – A dark murmuration of words
  • Jerry Joseph – Beautiful madness
  • Adam Beattie – Somewhere round the bend
  • Kenneth J Nash – For Sarah
  • Kris Delmhorst – Long days in the milky way
  • Steven Adams and the French Drops – Keep it light
  • Mary Chapin Carpenter – The dirt and stars
  • David Berkeley – Oh quiet world
  • The Lone Bellow – Half moon light
  • Jeremy Tuplin – Violet waves
  • Alec Bowman – I used to be sad and then I forgot
  • Serious Child – Time in the trees
  • Cunning Folk – A casual invocation
  • Clem Snide – Forever just beyond
  • The Magpies – Tidings
  • Darren Black with Stewart Prosser and Robert Sword – Playing with the truth
  • Laura Cortese and the Dance Cards – Bitterbetter
  • Phoebe Bridgers – Punisher
  • Bonny Light Horseman – Bonny Light Horseman
  • Molly Tuttle – I’d rather be with you
  • The Magpie Arc – EP1
  • Kathleen Edwards – Total freedom
  • Lambchop – Trip
  • David Grubb – Nano
  • Hannah White and the Nordic Connections – Hannah White and the Nordic Connections
  • Paul Mosley and the Red Meat Orchestra – Music for Puppets
  • Richard J Birkin with the London Contemporary Orchestra – matterlightblooming
  • Jennifer Castle – Monarch season
  • Norma MacDonald – Old future
  • Rachel Newton – To the awe
  • Martin Simpson – Home Recordings
  • Edgelarks – Henry James
  • This Is The Kit – Off off on
  • Suzzy Roche and Lucy Wainwright Roche – I can still hear you
  • Annie Dressner – Coffee at the corner bar
  • Matt Hill – Savage pilgrims
  • Jenny Sturgeon – Living mountain
  • The Rheingans Sisters – Receiver
  • Kris Drever – Where the world is thin
  • Bill Callahan – Gold Record
  • Julian Taylor – The Ridge
  • Katy Rose Bennett – Where does it hurt: an introduction to Katy Rose Bennett
  • Laura Veirs – My Echo
  • Terra Lightfoot – Consider the speed
  • Rose Cousins – Bravado
  • Ned Roberts – Dream Sweetheart
  • Sam Carter – Home waters
  • Salt House – Huam
  • My Girl The River – Cardinal in the snow
  • Kirsty Merryn – Our Bright Night
  • India Electric Co – The Gap
  • The Lowest Pair – The Perfect Plan
  • Ma Polaine’s Great Decline – City of love
  • Charlie Dore – Like animals
  • The Mammals – Nonet
  • Lisa Marini – Born in tribes
  • Modern Studies – The weight of the sun
  • Peter Oren – The greener pasture
  • Vanessa Peters – Mixtape
  • Gitta de Ridder – To our children
  • Lynn Miles – We’ll look for the stars
  • Marin Patenaude – Sight Unseen
  • Robert Vincent – In this town you’re owned 
  • Lucinda Williams – Good souls, better angels
  • Darlingside – Fish pond fish
  • Various artists – Home is where the art is: 15 years of Reveal Records 2006-2021

15 November 2020 playlist

This Is The Kit Off Off On from Off Off On (2020 Rough Trade Records)


Nancy Kerr Fatima’s Lady MacBeth from double A-Side digital digital download single (2020)


Reg Meuross I am what I am


Emma Swift Queen Jane approximately from Blonde on the tracks (2020 Continental Song City) 


Martin Simpson The times they are a-changing from Home Recordings (2020 Topic Records)


Gillian Welch and David Rawlings Abandoned love from All the good times (2020 Acony Records)


Rachel Newton The early morning from To the awe (2020 Shadowside Records)


Our Man in the Field Don’t speak from The Company of Strangers (2020 Rocksnob)


Alec Bowman Patience from I used to be sad and then I forgot (2020 Alec Bowman)


Norma MacDonald Slow down Marie from Old Future (2020 Noyes Records)


The Rheingans Sisters After the bell rang from Receiver (2020 Bendigedig Records)


Findlay Napier After the last bell rings from Very Interesting Extras EP (2016 Cheery Groove Records)


Scott Cook Tangle of souls from Tangle of souls (2020 Scott Cook)


Jennifer Castle NYC from Monarch Season (2020 Paradise of Bachelors)


Arborist and the Errigal Quartet The mountain will come to you digital download single (2020 Kirkinriola)


Jenny Sturgeon Frost and snow from The Living Mountain (2020 Hudson Records)


Josienne Clarke Intro from Historical Record Vol 3 & 4 Learning to sail (2020 Corduroy Punk)

Josienne Clarke Seconds (acoustic demo) from Historical Record Vol 3 & 4 Learning to sail (2020 Corduroy Punk)


Ewan MacIntrye Band Bright lights and pictures from Dream On Sally (2020 Broken Car Recordz)


Rory Butler Have I come down from Window Shopping (2020 Vertical Records)


Southern Tenant Folk Union What would you give for a leader with soul? from Join Forces (2016 Jonny Rock Records) 


Katy Rose Bennett Cold November day from Where does it hurt? : an introduction to Katy Rose Bennett (2020 Katy Rose Bennett)


Richard J Birkin with the London Contemporary Orchestra Matter from matterlightblooming (2020 Reveal Records)


Serious Child Long slow distance from Time in the trees (2020 Four Left Feet Records)


My Girl the River He doesn’t know he’s gone from Cardinal in the snow (2020 Supertiny Records)


Robert Vincent The end of the war from In this town you’re owned (2020 Robert Vincent Music)


Laura Veirs End Times from Echo (2020 Bella Union Records/Raven Marching Band)


Iris DeMent How Long digital download single (2020 Iris DeMent)


The Weather Station Robber digital download single (2020 Fat Possum Records)


New Quiet Revolution show available now

I’ve just uploaded an extended direct to Mixcloud Quiet Revolution show. You can listen via the link below

This is November’s show. Hopefully it’ll be possible for HFM Radio to resume its full evening schedules after 2 December and the show can once again go out on air live on alternate Tuesday nights from 9-11pm.

Temporary pause on live editions of the Quiet Revolution through November due to lockdown measures

Unfortunately as a response to lockdown HFM Radio has made temporary changes to its schedules resulting in a reduction in live programming. This means all specialist music shows with a 9pm start time won’t be on air until December. Hopefully (fingers crossed) my next live show will be on 8 December.

I plan to record a show which I’ll upload direct to Mixcloud during the month so please listen if you fancy doing so.