More words about current favourites

Following on from my blog post yesterday here’s the first of what may well be a number of sequels…

I’d like to credit Alec Bowman, a film-maker, photographer and fine musician in his own right for introducing me to Arborist. Here’s a song I’ve been playing on repeat, A Northern View from their same name album.

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Rachel Dadd was a later discovery for me towards the end of 2019. This is from her album Flux. The chorus is a current ear worm.

This is lovely too, Ned Roberts from his Dream Sweetheart album. The Songbird is one of many fine songs therein.

I’ve been a fan of Rose Cousins music for ages now and this is found on her superb latest album, Bravado. It’s called The Fraud.

The combination of The Ballroom Thieves and Darlingside is a delight. This is a stand-out song for me from their Unlovely album.

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