My songs of the year 2017

A little late in getting started on this but here goes. This is the start and I’ll be adding to it in the weeks to follow.

Neil McSweeney – Land of Cockaigne

Jeremy Tuplin – Where the light ends

The Weather Station – The most dangerous thing about you

Reg Meuross – Faraway people

Anna Tivel – Dark Chandelier 

Her Crooked Heart (Rachel Ries) – Adrian

Terra Lightfoot – You get high

Romantica – Let the light go through you

Courtney Marie Andrews – Honest life

Jack Harris – Vanished birds

The Small Glories – Old Garage

Charlie Dore – Dennis and Rose

Martha Tilston – Stories

David Hosking – Someone will catch you 

Winter Mountain – Sunlight, good roads

Lisbee Stainton – The dance upon nothing

Rachel Baiman – Shame

Benjamin Folke Thomas – Finn

Joan Shelley – The push and pull

Peter James Millson – Green

Penguin Cafe – Wheels within wheels

John Smith – Joanna

Co-Pilgrim – Thank my stars

Bedouine – Dusty eyes

Chris Tye – Stronger in numbers

William the Conqueror – Cold Ontario

Offa Rex – The Queen of Hearts

Shake the Chains – Shake the Chains

Ags Connolly – Slow burner

David Rawlings – Airplane

Edgelarks – No Victory

Joana Serratt – Trapped in the fog

Martin Simpson – Blues run the game

Simone White – Harvest

David Ramirez – Time

Caroline Spence – Softball

5j Barrow – Seagreen dress

Sophia Marshall – Bye bye

Julie Byrne – Follow my voice

Charlie Fink – Firecracker

Aimee Mann – Patient zero

Billy Bragg – Not everything that counts can be counted

Police Dog Hogan – Devon Brigade 

Chuck Johnson – Labradorite eye

Ned Roberts – Drifting down

The Barr Brothers – Queens of the breakers

The Worry Dolls – Train’s leaving

Daria Kulesh – Gone

Peter Oren – Anthropocene

Alice Howe – You’ve been away so long

Daisy Chapman -Good luck song

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