27 December 2016 playlist

Over the Rhine “If we make it through December” from “Blood oranges in snow” (2014 Great Speckled Dog) http://www.overtherhine.com Ewan McLennan and George Monbiot “Such a thing as society” from “Breaking the spell of loneliness” (2016 Fellside Recordings) http://www.ewanmclennan.co.uk Chris Wood “More fool me” from “So much to defend” (2016 R.U.F Records) http://www.chriswoodmusic.co.uk Jim Moray […]

Favourite music of the last 6 months of the year – the final blog entry

Robb Johnson – My Best Regards I’ve enjoyed Robb Johnson’s music for years now. I like his social conscience and the political dimension that come through in many of his songs. Check out his back catalogue and songs like Hope St Tomorrow Afternoon, Be Reasonable and many more. He also does humour extremely well and tenderness, […]

13 December 2016 playlist

The Albion Christmas Band “Winter Song” from “Winter Songs” (2006 Talking Elephant) http://www.albionchristmas.co.uk Ruth Theodore “The carcass and the pride” from “Cactacus” (2016 Aveline Records) http://www.ruththeodore.com Peter Bruntnell “Long way from home” from “Nos da comrade” (2016 Domestico Records) http://www.peterbruntnell.net Lewis & Leigh “The Rubble” from “Ghost” (2016 Celticana Records) http://www.lewisandleigh.com Kris Drever “The longest […]

7 December 2016 playlist

Reg Meuross “Christmas song” from “December” (2016 Hatsongs Records) http://www.regmeuross.com Aoife O’Donovan “The Magic Hour” from “In the magic hour” (2016 Yep Roc Records) http://www.aoifeodonovan.com The Black Feathers “Winter moves in” from “Soaked to the bone” (2016 Blue House Music) http://www.theblackfeathers.com Katy Rose Bennett “Cold November day” from “Songs of the River Rea” (2016 Katy […]

Favourite releases of the last 6 months of 2016

Ange Hardy and Lukas Drinkwater – Findings I really liked Ange’s last album Esteesee and on her latest record she’s collaborated with another supremely talented musician, Lukas Drinkwater. Findings includes some traditional material such as the excellent The trees they do grow high, which was the first track from the album I played on the […]