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20 July 2021 playlist

Josienne Clarke Super Recogniser from A Small Unknowable Thing (2021 Corduroy Punk Records)  Rachel Baiman Cycles from Cycles (2021 Signature Sounds) The Little Unsaid The Great Nowhere from Lick The Futures Lips (2021 Reveal Records) Christina Alden and Alex Patterson Hunter from Hunter (2021 Christina Alden and Alex Patterson)  The Self […]

6 July 2021 playlist

Eleanor McEvoy The DJ from Early Hours (2004 Market Square Records)  Peter Bruntnell Lucifer Morning Star from Journey to the sun (2021 Domestico Records) Hiss Golden Messenger Sanctuary from Quietly Blowing It (2021 Merge Records)  Alison Russell Montreal from Outside Child (2021 Fantasy Records)  Maz O’Connor and Vulpes Soho digital download […]

22 June 2021 playlist

The Reflection Box The Listeners from Notes From The Wonderground (2021The Reflection Box)  Adrian Crowley Northbound Stowaway from The Watchful Eye of the Stars (2021 Chemikal Underground) Declan O’Rourke The Stars Over Kinvara from Arrivals (2021 East West Records) Allison Russell Persephone from Outside Child (2021 Fantasy Records)  Cassandra Jenkins New […]

8 June 2021 playlist

Ben Harper Better Way from Both Sides of the Gun (2006 Virgin Records) Josienne Clarke Sit Out digital download single from A Small Unknowable Thing (2021 Corduroy Punk Records) Declan O’Rourke The Harbour from Arrivals (2021 East West Records) Alison Russell Nightflyer from Outside Child (2021 Fantasy Records) Mipso Just want […]

11 May 2021 playlist

Liz Simmons Adventurer from Poets (2021 Liz Simmons)  Rose Cousins The Expert from Bravado (2020 Outside Music) Evangeline Gentle Even If from Evangeline Gentle (2020 Sonic Unyon) Neilson Hubbard Fall Into My Arms from Digging Up The Scars (2021)  Steven Adams and the French Drops Note To Self from Keep It […]