24 January 2021 contemporary classical and classically influenced playlist

Johann Johnnson Flight from the city from Orphee (2016 Deutsche Grammaphon) http://www.johannjohannson.com  Chuck Johnson Labradorite eye from Balsams (2016 Chuck Johnson) http://www.chuckjohnson.bandcamp.com Erland Cooper Shalder single (2018 Phases) http://www.erlandcooper.com  Max Richter On the nature of daylight from The Blue Notebooks (2004 130701/Fat Cat Records) http://www.maxrichtermusic.com Olafur Arnalds Near light from The Living Room Songs (2002 […]

A Quiet Revolution special edition available now

I’ve enjoyed artists and composers whose music might be described as new classical or classically influenced for some time. I’ve occasionally included tracks on the show. However, I wanted to put together a one-off programme where I just play tracks from artists such as Max Richter, Olafur Arnalds, Dustin O’Halloran, Richard J.Birkin et al. Hope […]

17 January 2021 playlist

Simone White Great Imperialist State from Genuine Fake (2017 Simone White) http://www.simonewhite.com  Joan As Policewoman featuring Rufus Wainwright To America from Home Is Where The Art Is: 15 years of Reveal Records (2020 Reveal Records) http://www.joanaspolicewoman.com Courtney Marie Andrews, Molly Sarle and Liz Cooper and The Stampede America digital download single (2020 Fat Possum Records) […]

1 January 2021 playlist – favourite albums of the year (part 2)

Lynn Miles We’ll look for the stars from We’ll look for the stars (2020 Continental Song City) http://www.lynnmilesmusic.ca  David Berkeley Beside the shuttered doors from Oh quiet world (2020 David Berkeley) http://www.davidberkeley.com Tobias Ben Jacob The caravan from Refuge (2020 Polyphonic Recordings) http://www.tobiasbenjacob.com This Is The Kit This is what you did from Off off […]