Month: October 2020

27 October 2020 playlist

Steve Pledger Reseda digital download single (2020 Steve Pledger) 

Modern Studies Father is a craftsman from Swell to great (2016 Fire Records)

Reg Meuross Good with his hands from Reg Meuross (Stockfish Records 2018)

Megan Henwood The Craftsman from The River (2018? Dharma Records) 

Terra Lightfoot Love you so from Consider the speed (2020 Sonic Unyon Records)

 Paul McClure I love you in the morning single (2020 Clubhouse Records)

Evangeline Gentle So It Goes from Evangeline Gentle (2020 Sonic Unyon Records) 

Jim Bryson Satellite from The Occasionals (2001 Square Dog)

Kathleen Edwards Hard on everyone from Total Freedom (2020 Dualtone Records)

Laura Veirs Turquoise walls from My Echo (2020 Raven Marching Band/Bella Union) 

Katy Rose Bennett Where does it hurt from Where does it hurt? : an introduction to Katy Rose Bennett (2020 KRB) 

Dean Owens A song for the dark times digital download single (2020 Dean Owens) 

Julian Taylor The Ridge from The Ridge (2020 Howling Turtle)

Emma Swift The soft apocalypse digital download single (2020 Tiny Ghost Records)

Iris DeMent Going down to sing in Texas digital download single (2020 Iris DeMent) 

The Rheingans Sisters Salt of the earth from Receiver (2020 Bendigedig Records)

Paul Mosley and the Red Meat Orchestra Silverline from In Session (2020 Red Crow Records)

Daphne’s Flight That’s just life around here from On Arrival (2020 Fat Cat Records)

Darren Black with Stewart Prosser and Robert Sword Historical Amnesia from Playing with the truth (2020 Darren Black) 

I’m Kingfisher Pocket souls from The past has begun (2020 Fading Trails Records)

Martyn Joseph On my way (acoustic) from When We Get Through This EP (2020 Pipe Records) 

Kris Drever I’ll always leave a light on from Where the world is thin (2020 Reveal Records)