17 September 2019 playlist

Catherine MacLellan Come back in from Come back in/The Tempest single (2019 Catherine MacLellan) http://www.catherinemaclellan.com  Wookalily Welcome to the fold from Everything is normal except the little things inside my head (2019 Roxy Records) http://www.wookalily.wordpress.com West My Friend Build a bed from In Constellation (2019 West My Friend) http://www.westmyfriend.com Amy Paparinsky Quiet one from Read […]

3 September 2019 playlist

Joan Shelley Haven from Like the river loves the sea (2019 No Quarter) http://www.joanshelley.net Portland Brothers Shake off the dust from First EP (2019 Sunday Mourning Records) Simone White So it goes single from forthcoming album Letter to the last generation (2019 Simone White) http://www.simonewhite.com Kirsty McGee and the Hobpop Collective Copenhagen from The deafening […]