Month: March 2019

19 March 2019 playlist

Franc Cinelli Night Song digital download single (2019 Song Circle Records)

Glymjack Light the evening fire from Light the evening fire (2018 Storm Lantern)

The Honey Dewdrops Welcome to the club from Anyone can see (2019 The Honey Dewdrops) 

Findlay Napier and Megan Henwood Unnameable radio from The Story Song Scientists EP (2019 Dharma Records)

Marry Waterson and Emily Barker We don’t speak anytime from A window to other ways (2019 One Little Indian Records)

Hannah Sanders and Ben Savage Hidden things digital download single (2019 Sungrazing Records) 

Andrew Bird Manifest single from forthcoming album My Finest Work Yet (2019 Loma Vista Recordings)

Pierce Pettis Don’t know where I am from Father’s Son (2019 Compass Records)

Sir Silence and Lady Hush Lay down from It’s time she said (2019 Hushland Records) 

Carsie Blanton Harbor from Buck Up (2019 Carsie Blanton)

Lula Wiles Hometown from What will we do? (2019 Smithsonian Folkways Recordings) 

Ward and Parker Feels so right  from Ward and Parker (2019 Ward and Parker)

Peter James Millson Lead or follow from Low-Key (2019 Significant Records) 

The Amazing Devil King from Love Run (2016 The Amazing Devil)

Pete Gow Mikaela from Here there’s no sirens (2019 Clubhouse Records)

The Delines Where are you sonny? from The Imperial (2019 Decor Records) 

Jeremy Tuplin Gaia from Pink Mirror (2019 Trapped Animal)

Sarah McQuaid Slow decay from If we dig any deeper it could get dangerous (2018 A Shove and a Spade Records)

Mike Vass They never found me from Save his calm (2019 Unroofed Records) 

Me Thee and E Northern Line from Sunlight Soap Opera (2019 Paper Plane Records)

Gilmore and Roberts On the line from A problem of our kind (2018 GR Records)

Sean Taylor Lampedusa from The Path into the blue (2019 Sean Taylor) 

Zervas and Pepper There is only love single (2019 Zervas and Pepper) 

5 March 2019 playlist

Peter James Millson The kindness of others from Low-Key (2019 Peter James Milson pre-release album) 

Me Thee and E Take to the night from Sunlight Soap Opera (2019 Paper Plane Records)

Pete Gow One last one-night stand from Here there’s no sirens (2019 Clubhouse Records)

Kalyn Fay Come around from Good Company (2019 Horton Records) 

Carson McHone How ‘bout it from Carousel (2019 Loose Music)

Tiny Ruins Olympic girls from Olympic Girls (2019 Bella Union Records)

Simon and the Astronauts Oscar from Simon and the Astronauts (2019 Airlock Records) 

Jeremy Tuplin the machine from Pink Mirror (2019 Trapped Animal)

Julia Jacklin Comfort from Crushing (2019 Transgressive) 

James Yorkston Like bees to foxglove from The Road to Harmonium (2019 Domino) 

David Ian Roberts A million winds from Travelling Bright (2019 Cambrian Records) 

Jonathan Day Gone to earth from Spirit Library (2019 NiiMiika Records)

William the Conqueror The Burden from Bleeding on the soundtrack (2019 Loose Music) 

Feathered Mason Mausoleum from Limbo Boy EP (2019 Jungle Strut)

Megson The new girl from Con-tra-dic-shun (2019 EDJ Records) 

The Crooked Jades Empathy moves the water from Empathy moves the water (2019 Jade Note Music)

Lula Wiles Good old American values from What will we do (2019 Smithsonian Folkways Recordings)

Buffalo blood War among the nations from Buffalo Blood (2019 Eel Pie Records) 

Michael McDermott Los Angeles, a lifetime ago from Orphans (2019 Pauper Sky Records)

Abigail Lapell Halfway to Mexico from Getaway (2019 Coax Records)

Danni Nicholls Texas from The Melted Morning (2019 Danni Nichols Music)

Carsie Blanton American Kid from Buck Up (2019 Carsie Blanton)

Erin Costello I’ll be home from Sweet Marie (2019 Compass Records)