My favourite albums of the last 6 months of the year: first installment


It’s that time of the year again. The music magazines are already publishing albums of the year from their perspective. Over recent times I’ve made it slightly easier on myself by dividing the year into two. So back in June I posted in three separate instalments the standout albums for me up to that point. And now here are the my favourites from the second half of 2018.

Before I post any further, I recognise there is always a risk, whenever you post a list like this, that another fantastic album or EP is just around the corner. I’ve got that covered anyway, I will post an addition in a few weeks from now should I stumble upon a few brilliant new releases that are too good to leave out.

Oh, and one other thing. I’ve always struggled with brevity, if you listen to the show regularly and my conversation between tracks you’ll understand I’m sure. So this is not a lovely neat list of 10 or 20 records. That’s just impossible to slim all the great records to that small number. And finally it’s not a list that is in any sort of order. It’s simply a random posting up of the records that have meant something to me with wherever possible a video of a track I like from the album or EP. I’ll filibuster no more, here’s the list…. Enjoy exploring and please feel free to post up any comments and indeed recommendations you may have for me for releases that are your favourites from 2018.

Jess Morgan – And I can’t keep still EP

Eliza Gilkyson – Secularia

Julien Baker, Phoebe Bridgers and Lucy Dacus – Boygenius EP

Katherine Priddy – Wolf EP

Kristian Kjellvander – Faux Guernica

Rab Noakes – Welcome to Anniversaryville

The Milk Carton Kids – All the things that I did and all the things that I didn’t do

Jess Morgan – Blue Jay single

Steve Tilston – Distant days

Robby Hecht and Caroline Spence – Two People

Alden Patterson and Dashwood – By the night

Jason McNiff – Joy and Independence

Lera Lynn – Plays well with others

The Innocence Mission – Sun on the square

Lachlan Bryan and The Wildes – Some girls quite like country music

Amanda Shires – To the sunset

Drew Morrison and the Darkwood – Electric-Notes Wild

Elephant Micah – Genericana

Lori McKenna – The Tree

Kerry Devine – Away from the mountains

The Cowboy Junkies – All that reckoning 

M G Boulter and the Free – Blood Moon EP

Dan Webster – Devil Sky

Vanessa Peters – Foxhole Prayers

Grace Petrie – Queer as folk

Treetop Flyers – Treetop Flyers

Tunng – Songs you make at night

Drew Morrison and the Darkwood – Electric Notes Wild

Curse of Lono – As I fell

Me for Queen – Loose end

Gilmore and Roberts – A problem of our kind

Annie Dressner – Broken into pieces

Austin Lucas – Immortal Americans

Glorietta – Glorietta

The Willows – Through the wild

Ciara O’Neill – Arrow 

Martyn Joseph – Here come the young

Sinnober – Projection

David Berkeley – The Faded Red and Blue

Ed Harcourt – Beyond the end

Kitty MacFarlane – Namer of clouds

Phillip Henry – True North

Jesse Matas – Tamarack

Kelly Oliver – Botany Bay

John Smith – Hummingbird

Marc Ribot – Songs of Resistance 1942-2018

Nathan Bell – Love bones and stars

Trevor Moss and Hannah-Lou Fair Lady London

Cam Penner – At war with reason

Karine Polwart, Steven Polwart and Inge Thomson – Laws of motion

William Fitzsimmons – Mission bell

Benjamin Folke Thomas – Modern man

Laura Gibson – Goners

Jess Vincent – Lions

Ben Kunder – Better human


27 November 2018 playlist

Eliza Gilkyson In the name of the lord from Secularia (2018 Red House Records) 

Simone Felice featuring Four Tet Puppet digital download single (2018 New York Pro) 

The Willows Better days from Through the wild (2018 Elk Records)

Gilmore and Roberts Just a piece of wood from A problem of our kind (2018 Gilmore Roberts Records)

Hannah Sanders and Ben Savage Way over yonder in the minor key from Awake (2018 Sungrazing Records) 

Jess Morgan Chinatown from And I Can’t Keep Still EP (2018 Drabant Music)

Kitty MacFarlane Dawn and dark from Namer of clouds (2018 Navigator Records)

Jesse Matas Walking human from Tamarock (2018 StoNote) 

Austin Lucas Immortal Americans from Immortal Americans (2018 Cornelius Chapel Records)

Talisk Montreal from Beyond (2018 Talisk Records)

David Berkeley This be dear to me from The Faded Red and Blue EP (2018 David Berkeley) 

Laura Gibson Goners from Goners (2018 City Slang Records) 

Peter James Millson Getting there from Low Key (as yet unreleased new album) 

Ciara O’Neill Arrow from Arrow (2018 Ciara O’Neill)

Julien Baker, Phoebe Bridgers and Lucy Dacus Me and my dog from Boy Genius EP (2018 Matador Records)

Afel Bocoum, Damon Albarn, Toumani Diabate and Friends Tennessee Hotel from Mali Music (2002 Honest Jons Records)

Phillip Henry Reverence Revisited from True North (2018 Dragonfly Roots Records) 

The Band of Love Love don’t live here anymore from Folk Fever (2018 Mighty Village Records)

Grace Petrie Farewell to welfare from Queer as folk (2018 Robot Needs Home)

Lau She put on her headphones digital download double AA single with It’s hard to seem ok when you’re not (2018 Reveal Records)

Christian Kjellvander Strangers in Northeim  from Faux Guernica (2018 Tapete Records) 

Martyn Joseph Collateral from Here Come The Young (2018 Pipe Records)

Nathan Bell Metal from Love Bones and Stars (2018 Angry Stick Recording Company) 

India Electric Co In absence from Tablelands (2018) 

13 November 2018 playlist

Dan Whitehouse The places we have been from That’s where I belong (2016 Reveal Records) 

Lau single It’s hard to be OK when you’re not digital download single with She put on her headphones (2018 Reveal Records)

Kristian Kjellvander Faux Guernica from Wild Hxmans PRONOUNCED WILD HUMANS (2018 Tapete Records)

Jess Morgan All I want to do is tell you what to do from And I Can’t Keep Still EP (2018 Drabant Music)  

Martyn Joseph Here come the young from Here come the young (2018 Pipe Records)

Karine Polwart with Steven Polwart and Inge Thomson Cassiopiea from Laws of Motion (2018 Hudson Records)

Grace Petrie Pride from Queer as Folk (2018 Grace Petrie) 

Rachel Baiman Times like these (with Josh Clark) from Thanksgiving EP (2018 Free Dirt Records) 

David Berkeley The Faded red and blue from The Faded Red and Blue EP (2018 David Berkeley)

Sam Amidon and Fay Victor with Marc Ribot How to walk in freedom from Songs of Resistance 1942-2018 (2018 Anti Records)

Glorietta Golden lonesome from Glorietta (2018 Bread and Butter Records) 

Julia Jacklin Head alone digital download single (2018 Transgressive Records) 

Laura Gibson Thomas from Goners (2018 City Slang Records) 

Robert Vincent Dancing with devils from I’ll make the most of my sins (2018 At The Helm Records)

Trevor Moss and Hannah-Lou We should’ve gone dancing from Fair Lady London (2018 Maiden Voyage Recording Co)

Benjamin William Pike single Someone else’s tears (2018 Benjamin William Pike) 

Bennett Wilson Poole Find your own truth from Bennett Wilson Poole (2018 Aurora Records) 

The Dreaming Spires Searching for the super truth from Searching for the supertruth (2015 Clubhouse Records)

Sarah McQuaid If we dig any deeper it could get dangerous from If we dig any deeper it could get dangerous (2018 A Shovel and a Spade Records) 

Gilmore and Roberts Average Joe from A problem of our kind (2018 Gilmore Roberts Records)

Benjamin Folke Thomas One day from Modern Man (2018 Aveline Records)

Sinnober Angels of fire and snow from Projection (2018 Indefra Records) 

Cam Penner Ain’t nobody round here from At war with reason (2018 Cam Penner) 

Vanessa Peters What you can’t outrun from Foxhole Prayers (2018 Idol Records)