Month: September 2018

4 September 2018 playlist

Lera Lynn (featuring Rodney Crowell ) Crimson underground from Plays well with others: a duets album (2018 Single Lock Records) 

MG Boulter and the Froe Blood Moon from Blood Moon EP (2018 Hudson Records)

Tuung Battlefront from Songs you make at night (2018 Full Time Hobby Records)

Vanessa Peters Fight from Foxhole Prayers (2018 Idol Records) 

Grace Petrie A young woman’s tale from Queer as folk (2018 Grace Petrie)

Shake the chains (Nancy Kerr, Hannah Martin, Findlay Napier, Greg Russell, Tim Yates) from Shake the Chains (2017 Quercus Records)

Reg Meuross England green & England grey from Reg Meuross (2018 Stockfisch Records)

 Dan Webster freedom in suburbia from Devil Sky (2018 Paper Plane Records) 

Treetop Flyers Needle from Treetop Flyers (2018 Loose Music)

Jess Morgan Leytonstone digital download single (2018 Drabant Music) 

Ben Kunder Better Human from Better Human (2018 Ben Kunder) 

Erin Rae June Bug from Putting on airs (2018 Single Lock Records)  

Lindi Ortega Afraid of the dark from Liberty (2018 Shadowbox Music) 

Sweet Billy Pilgrim Asking for a friend from Wapentak (2018 Sweet Billy Pilgrim)

Jackie Oates The joy of living from The joy of living (2018 ECC Records)

Amanda Shires Leave it alone from To the sunset (2018 Silver Knife Records) 

Northern Flyway No barriers, no borders from Northern Flyway (2018 Hudson Records)

Karine Polwart Ophelia digital download single (2018 Hudson Records)

Me for Queen Jessica from Loose Ends (2018 Me for Queen) 

Curse of Lono And it shows from As I fell (2018 Submarine Cat Records)

Sons of Bill Easier (featuring Molly Parden) from Oh God Ma’am (2018 Loose Music)

Drew Morrison and the Darkwood Always from Electric-Notes Wild (2018 Storm Cloud Agency Records)

Orpan Colours Goodnight California from All on Red (2018 At the Helm Records)