24 July 2018 playlist

Cowboy Junkies When we arrive from All That Reckoning (2018 Proper Records)


Alden Patterson and Dashwood By the night from By the night (2018 Alden Patterson and Dashwood)


Hatful of Rain Oh the night from Songs of the lost and found (2018 Long Way Home Music)


The Innocence Mission Records from your room from Sun on the square (2018 Bella Union Records)


Olivia Chaney A tree grows in Brooklyn from Shelter (2018 Nonesuch Records)


Lachlan Bryan & the Wilde’s In New York from Some girls quite like country music (2018 Lachlan Bryan and the Wildes)


River Whyless Born in the right country from Kindness, a rebel (2018 Roll Call Records)


Gilmore & Roberts Poison digital download single with Dr James (2013 Navigator Records)


Luluc Sculptor from Sculptor (2018 Sub Pop Records)


Jason McNiff Amanda from Joy and Independence (2018 At The Helm Records)


Toby Hay Leaving Chicago from The Longest Day (2018 State51 Conspiracy)


The Milk Carton Kids Younger years from All the things that I did and all the things that I didn’t do (2018 Anti Records)


Rab Noakes Gently does it from Welcome to Anniversaryville (2018 Neon Records)


Megan Henwood Brexit blues digital download single (2017 Dharma Records)


Josienne Clarke and Ben Walker Bathed in light from Seedlings All (2018 Rough Trade Records)


Juliana Daugherty Light from Light (2018 Western Vinyl Records)


Bennett Wilson Poole Hide behind a smile from Bennett Wilson Poole (2018 Aurora Records)


The Self Help Group Smile club from Dead Stars (2015 Union Music Store)


Serious Child You wear the smile from Empty Nest (2018 TCR Music)


Faeland Strings from At My Swim (2018 Green Sage Records)


Gretchen Peters The boy from Rye from Dancing with the beast (2018 Scarlet Letter Records)


Hadley McCall Thackston Butterfly from Hadley McCall Thackston (2018 Wolfe Island Records)


Anna Egge Last Ride from White Tiger (2018 Story Sound Records)


My favourite albums of 2018 so far – third instalment

This is the third and final instalment of my favourite releases from January to June. Keep an eye out on my blog for the rest of the year in December.

Mishaped Pearls – Shivelight 

Ry Cooder – Prodigal Son

Modern Studies – Welcome Strangers

Ana Egge – White Tiger

The Jellyman’s Daughter – Dead reckoning

Hadley McCall Thackson – Hadley McCall Thackston

Suburban Dirts – I want blood

Jennifer Castle – Angels of death

Lucy Ward – Pretty warnings

Erin Rae – Putting on airs

Juliana Daugherty – Light

My favourite albums of 2018 so far – second instalment

Here’s the second part of my blog charting favourite releases from January to June 2018.

Laura Veirs – The Lookout

Hannah Sanders and Ben Savage – Awake

Oliva Chaney – Shelter

Blair Dunlop – Notes from an island

Jill Jackson – Are we there yet?

Hatful of Rain – Songs of the lost and found

The Fugitives – The promise of strangers

Gretchen Peters – Dancing with the beast

Ray Cooper – Between the golden age and the promised land

Israel Nash – Lifted

Hayley Henderickx – I need to start a garden

Simone Felice – The Projector

Duotone – A life re-appearing

Courtney Marie Andrews – May your kindness remain

Mary Chapin Carpenter – Sometimes just the sky

Cath and Phil Tyler – The Ax and the Ox

Darlingside – Extra life

Birds of Chicago – Love in wartime

My favourite albums of 2018 so far- first instalment

The first 6 months of this year has seen the release of many great albums, EP’s and singles. Here I highlight some of my favourites this far in.

Sarah McQuaid – If we dig any deeper it could get dangerous

Jess Morgan – Aston Expressway, kiss me quick digital download single

Dean Owens – Southern Wind 

Gem Andrews – North 

Faeland – All my swim

Jim Ghedi – A Hymn for Ancient Land

Bennett Wilson Poole – Bennett Wilson Poole

Don Gallardo – Still Here

Kings of the South Seas – Franklin 

Alela Diane – Cusp

Zoe Mulford – Small brown birds

Josienne Clark and Ben Walker – Seedlings All

H.C McEntire – Lionheart

Winter Wilson – Far off on the horizon 

Jerry Leger – Nonsense and heartache 

Orphan Colours – All on red

Stick in the Wheel – Follow them true

Brandi Carlile – By the way, I forgive you

Fran Wyburn – Wood for the trees

Hannah Read – Way out I’ll wander

I’m Kingfisher – Transit

Dan Hartland – Great Novels

The Rheingans Sisters – Bright Field

Greg Russell and Ciaran Algar – Utopia and Wasteland

Chris Smither – Call me lucky

Michael McDermott – Out from under it

Glymjack – Light the evening fire

Eamon O’Leary – All Souls

The Little Unsaid – Selected Works 

Ma Polaine’s Great Decline – The Outsider

The Mammals – Sunshiner 

The Equatorial Group – Apricity

10 July 2018 playlist

Rab Noakes Let the show begin from Welcome to Anniversaryville (2018 Neon Records)


Jill Jackson 1954 from Are We There Yet? (2018 Jill Jackson)


Toby Hay The Longest Day from The Longest Day (2018 The States51 Conspiracy)


The Little Unsaid Day is golden from Selected Works (2018 Reveal Records)


I’m Kingfisher The oaks rule from Transit (2018 Fading Trails Recordings)


Jennifer Castle Grim reaper from Angels of death (2018 Paradise of Bachelors)


Wilder Maker Drunk driver from Zion (2018 Northern Spy)


The Milk Carton kids All the things that I did and all the things that I didn’t do from All the things that I did and all the things that I didn’t do (2018 Anti Records)


Steve Tilston The road when I was young from Distant days (2018 Riverboat Records)


Olivia Chaney Colin and Clem from Shelter (2018 Nonesuch Records)


Lucy Ward Cold Caller from Pretty Warning (2018 Betty Beetroot Records)


Robby Hecht and Caroline Spence Holding On from Two People (2018 Old Man Henry Records/Tone Tree Music)


Jason McNiff Joy and Independence from Joy and Independence (2018 At The Helm Records)


Mishaped Pearls Jonny’s war from Shivelight (2018 Mishaped Pearls)


Minnie Birch John Barleycorn digital download double AA single (2018 Minnie Birch)


Ben Glover Kindness from Shorebound (2018 Proper Records)


Courtney Marie Andrews May your kindness remain from May your kindness remain (2018 Loose Music)


The Serious Child kind mans bluff (featuring Tanya Brittain) from Empty Nest (2018 TCR Music)


Erin Rae Bad mind from Putting on airs (2018 Single Lock Records)


Lera Lynn featuring Dylan LeBlanc What is love from Plays well with others: a duets album (2018 Single Lock Records)


Lachlan Bryan and the Wilde’s Hope that I’m wrong from Some girls quite like country music (2018 Lachlan Bryan)


Eamon O’Leary Our old dominion from All Souls (2018 Reveal Records)


Sarah McQuaid Time to love from If we dig any deeper it might get dangerous (2018 A Shovel and a Spade Records)