Month: June 2018

26 June 2018 playlist

Laura Veirs The Lookout from The Lookout (2018 Bella Union Records) 

Erin Rae Putting on airs from Putting on airs (2018 Single Lock Records)

Glymjack Bright sparks from Light the evening fire (2018 Storm Lantern)

Hatful of Rain Start again from Songs of the lost and found (2018 Long Way Home Music) 

Olivia Chaney House on a hill from Shelter (2018 Nonesuch Records)

Whiskeytown Houses on the Hill from Stranger’s Almanac (1997 Outpost Recordings)

Megan Henwood House on the Hill from River (2017 Dharma Records) 

Dan Whitehouse The left handed way from That’s where I belong (2016 Reveal Records)

Jess Morgan Blue Jay digital download single Blue Jay/Valentina (2018 Drabant Records)

Eamon O’Leary Marina Blue from Bywater/Marina Blue single (2018 Reveal Records) 

The Black Feathers The ghosts have eaten well (full version) single (2018 Bird in the hand Records) 

Jennifer Castle Tomorrow’s mourning from Angels of death (2018 Paradise of Bachelors) 

Juliana Daugherty Wave from Light (2018 Western Vinyl) 

Jelly mans daughter The worst of it all from Dead Reckoning (2018 Boat Duck Records)

Paul McClure The good and bad of it from Paul McClure and the Local Heroes EP (2017 Clubhouse Records) 

Randy Newman Lost without you from Dark Matter (2017 Nonesuch Records)

Jones Battersea Boy from Happy Blue (2015 Meme Records)

Obi Sleep well dear friend from Diceman Lopez (2004 Cooking Vinyl Records)

The Fugitives Northern Lights from The Promise of Strangers (2018 West Park Music)

Israel Nash Lucky ones from Lifted (2018 Loose Music)

Carter Sampson Lucky from Lucky (2018 Continental Song City) 

Misshaped pearls Jesus’ crooked shadow from Shivelight (2018 Mishaped Pearls)

Ry Cooder Jesus and Woody from The Prodigal Son (2018 Perro Verde Records)

Blind Boys of Alabama Jesus hits like) An atom bomb from Atom Bomb (2005 Real World Records)  

Ma Polaine’s Great Decline The poison sits from The Outsider (2018 MPGD) 

Ana Egge Let the light in rom White Tiger (2018 Story Sound Records) 

12 June 2018 playlist

Hannah Sanders and Ben Savage Every night when the sun goes in followed by 7

from Awake (2018 Sungrazing Records)

Lucy Ward Silver morning from Pretty warnings (2018 Betty Beetroot Records)

Modern Studies Horns and trumpets from Welcome Strangers (2018 Fire Records)

Suburban Dirts Eli from I want blood (2018 Old Junk Records) 

Jennifer Castle Texas from Angels of death (2018 Paradise of Bachelors)

Juliana Daugherty California from Light (2018 Western Vinyl)

Michael Feuerstack Outskirts from Natural Weather (2018 Forward Music)

Chris Wood The Shallow end from So much to defend (2017 R.U.F Records)

Tallest man on earth Sometime in the mountains, sometime in New York digital download single (2018 Dead Oceans) 

Erin Rae Love like before from Putting on airs (2018 Single Lock Records) 

Sons of Bill Believer/Pretender from Oh God Ma’am (2018 Loose Music) 

Jessica Risker Help me, help me from I see you among the stars (2018 Western Vinyl) 

Hadley McCall Thackston Change from Hadley McCall Thackston (2018 Wolfe Island Records)

Jelly mans daughter Dead reckoning from from Dead Reckoning (2018 Boat Duck Records)

Jess Morgan Valentina digital download single (2018 Drabant Music) 

Amelia White Let the wind blow from Rhythm of the rain (2017 Amelia White)

Sophia Marshall Sarah’s room from Bye bye (2017 Sophia Marshall)

Neko Case (with Mark Lanegan) Curse of the 1-5 Corridor (2018 Anti Records) 

Ray Cooper Drunk on summer from Between the golden age and the promised land (2018 West Park Music)

Mishaped pearls When summer’s stood still from Shivelight (2018 Mishaped Pearls)

Hatful of Rain Down in the town from Songs of the lost and found (2018 Long Way Home Music) 

Skerryvore At the end of the line from Evo (2018 Tyree Records)