A postscript to my albums of the year: the ones that got away!

It’s inevitable I suppose. You listen to lots of superb music through the year and end up playing a great deal of it on the radio. From this you devise your end of year favourite albums list. And click publish. So far so good. Then a week or two later you are discover albums that you would have also included on that list if only you’d heard them sooner. May I take this opportunity to thank friends, music bloggers and music websites for ensuring these fine selections eventually appeared on my radar albeit fashionably late. Please add them to my 117 albums of the year posted on my earlier blog.

So below I recognise those lost albums that almost got away. Enjoy. Happy New Year, I know it’s a bit early but it’s not that far away so thought I could just about get away with it! And thank you for supporting my endeavours on the Quiet Revolution whether you’re one of the musicians I’ve played on the show, a regular listener or recent convert, a record label or independent promoter. Although brevity is overrated I’ve rambled on long enough. Enjoy.

118) Lucy Rose – Something’s changing

119) Leif Vollebekk – Twin Solitude

120) Kim Janssen – Cousins

121) Phoebe Bridgers – Stranger in the alps

122) Julia Jacklin – Don’t let the kids win

123) Almond and Olive – Standing at the precipice 

124) Gem Andrews – North

Think it may be out in 2018, but I got a copy a few weeks ago so including it here!

125) Mush – Family Album

Unfortunately can’t find any YouTube videos but search for Mush Newcastle on Facebook and you will hear the lovely song Snow, one of my favourites from the family album.

126) Jeff Tweedy – Together at last 

127) Grace Petrie and the PC Brigade – Heart First Aid Kit

128) Naomi Bedford and Paul Simmonds – Songs my ruiner gave to me 

129) Tom Williams – All Change

130) The Lone Bellow – Walk into a storm

131) Birds of Chicago – American flowers

132) Folk and Honey presents Sonic Blooms: UK alt-folk and new roots rising (compilation)

26 December 2017 playlist

Catie Curtis 2000 Miles from A Catie Curtis Christmas with Elana Arian, Ingrid Grandins and John Jennings (2012 Catie Curtis Records)


Almond and Olive Long night from Standing at the precipice (2017 Almond and Olive)


Gem Andrews Letter from North (2017 Market Square Music)


Mush Snow from Family Album (2017 Mush)


Terra Lightfoot NFB from Every time my mind runs wild (2016 Sonic Unyon)


Dan Michaelson Old Kisses from First light (2017 The State 51 Conspiracy)


Kim Janssen Bottle rockets from Cousins (2017 Snowstar Records)


Alela Diane Emigre digital download single (2017)


Ange Hardy What it is from Bring back home (2017 Story Records)


Ed Askew Art and life from Art and life (2017 Tin Angel Records)

Megan Henwood The Craftsmen from River (2017 Dharma Records)


Jeff Tweedy Dawned on me from Together at last (2017 dBpm Records)


Bella Hardy Driving through harmony from Hey Sammy (2017 Noe Records)


Julia Jacklin Elizabeth from Don’t let the kids win (2017 Transgressive Records)


Mark Olson Dear Elizabeth from Spokeswoman of the bright sun (2017 Glitterhouse Records)

Luke Daniels Elizabeth Trump and sons from Singing ways to feel more junior (2017 Gael Music)


Billy Bragg Why we build a wall from Bridges not walls EP (2017 Cooking Vinyl Records)


Hiss Golden Messenger When The wall comes down from Hallelujah Anyhow (2017 Merge Records)


The Little Unsaid Tumbling snow from Imagined hymns and chaingang mantras (2017 Carbon Moon Records)


Paul Mosley and the Red Meat Orchestra Wintertide from Wintertide EP (2017 Folkwit Records)


Pica Pica Small time from Spring and Shade EP (2017 Rough Trade Records)


Boo Hewerdine Ersatz and the dogma cat from A Letter to my younger self EP (2017 Reveal Records)


Jon Boden Fires of Midnight from Afterglow (2017 Hudson Records)


Julien Baker Appointments from Turn out the lights (2017 Matador Records)


Anna Tivel Small Believer from Small believer (2017 Fluff and Gravy Records)


Peter Oren Burden of proof from Anthropocene (2017 Western Vinyl Records)


Laura Marling Always this way from Semper Femina (2017 Kobalt Label Services)


Lassie Matheson When we collided (featuring Sara Hartman) from When we collided EP (2017 Zpetakel Records)


Fran Taylor Blue skies and daydreams from Pipedream (2017 Old Hotel Records)


Lost Horizons featuring Karen Perris The places we’ve been from Ojala (2017 Bella Union Records)


The Barr Brothers Song that I heard from Queens of the breakers (2017 Secret City Records)


Phoebe Bridgers Smoke signal from Stranger in the alps (2017 Dead Oceans Records)

Big Thief Mythological beauty from Capacity (2017 Saddle Creek)


Gareth Davies-Jones The beauty and the trouble from The beauty and the trouble (2017 HW Records)


Josh Ritter Dreams from Gathering (2017 Pytheas Recordings)


Phil Langran Band The long home from The Distance (2017 Folkwit Records)


12 December 2017 playlist

Charlie Fink Firecracker from Cover my tracks (2017 Hangman Music)


Paul Mosley and the Red Meat Orchestra Is it enough (Merry Christmas) from Wintertide EP (2017 Folkwit Records)


Bella Hardy Queen of Carter’s bar from Hey Sammy (2017 Noe Records)


Kacy and Clayton A lifeboat from The Siren’s Song (2017 New West Records)


Fran Taylor Dreammaker from Pipedream (2017 Old Hotel Records)


Robert Chaney and Laura Tenschert Corozones Amarillos (exclusive track) from Folk and Honey presents Sonic Blooms: UK alt-folk and new roots rising (Disc 1) (2017 Folk and Honey)


MG Boulter Clifftown (exclusive track) from Folk and Honey presents Sonic Blooms: UK alt-folk and new roots rising (Disc 2) (2017 Folk and Honey)



Julie Fowlis Windward away from Alterum (2017 Machair Records)


Jennifer Castle Nature from Pink City (2014 Idee Fix)


Lucy Rose (featuring The Staves) Floral dresses from Something’s Changing (2017 Communion Records)


Humbird Your animal from Where Else EP (2017 Humbird)


Jon Boden Bee sting from Afterglow (2017 Hudson Records)


Jarrod Dickenson Christmas time in the City from Christmas time in the city (2017 Decca Records digital download single)


Dan Michaelson Sand from First Light (2017 The State 51 Conspiracy)


Stick in the Wheel Over again from Follow them true (2017 From Here Records)


Pica Pica Morning from Spring and Shade (2017 Rough Trade Records)


May Erlewine Get it back from Mother Lion (2017 May Erlewine)


Luke Daniels Penny in the slot from Singing ways to feel more junior (2017 Gael Music)


Anthony Toner An alphabet from Ink (2017 Dozens of Cousins)


Steph Cameron Richard from Daybreak over Jackson Street (2017 At the Helm Records)


Nadia Reid Richard from Preservation (2017 Basin Rock Records)


Karine Polwart with Pippa Murphy Small consolation from A pocket of wind resistance (2017 Hudson Records)


Winter Wilson Ghost from Far off on the horizon (2917 Winter Wilson)


Hans Chew Give up the ghost from Open Sea (2017 At the Helm Records)


Kate Rusby we’ll sing hallelujah from Angels and men (2017 Pure Records)


My songs of the year 2017 part 2

Jeffrey Martin – October dark


Dan Michaelson – Sand


Blue Rose Code – Over the fields (For John)

Fran Wyburn – Foolish sea

Jon Boden – Bee sting

Kacy and Clayton – A lifeboat

This is the Kit – Moonshine freeze

Kenneth J Nash – Born to be free

Randy Newman – Lost without you

Jim White – Drift away

The August List – Old Rip

Otis Gibbs – Great American Roadside

Amelia Curran – Watershed

Heather Lynne Horton – Wheelchair man 

Humbird – Kansas City, MO

Emma Langford – Quiet giant

Luke Daniels – The house that Jack built

Will Stratton – Manzanita

Ryan Driver – It must be dark tonight (featuring The Weather Station)

Ocotillo – Come what may

Danny and the Champions of the World – Waiting for the right time

Bella Hardy – Driving through Harmony

Ange Hardy – What May you do for the JAM

Adrian Nation – The dying of democracy

Laura Cortese and the Dance Cards – The Low Hum

My favourite releases of 2017

I’ll begin by saying this blog about my favourite releases of the year isn’t in order of preference, the numbers are there just to make it more readable .  It’s certainly going  to appeal to those who like lists though as it’s a record of my favourite releases of the year, many of which you will have heard on the Quiet Revolution through 2017. Some have appeared in this year end list but I may not, yet, have played a track on the show. This is either because I’ve come to the record some time after release or it’s just been released very recently.

fullsizeoutput_abaAs with any year end list there will inevitably be the 2 or 3 albums that are released just after the blog has been published. C’est la vie!

I’d also recommend checking out my songs of the year blog where you can hear many of the songs from these albums that have especially resonated with me.

  1. Neil McSweeney – A coat worth wearing
  2. Edgelarks – Edgelarks
  3. Jeremy Tuplin – I dreamed I was an astronaut
  4. Courtney Marie Andrews – Honest life
  5. Reg Meuross – Faraway People
  6. David Ramirez – We’re not going anywhere
  7. Caroline Spence – Spades and Roses
  8. Billy Bragg – Bridges not walls EP
  9. Jon Boden – Afterglow
  10. Kacy and Clayton – The Siren’s Song
  11. This is the Kit – Moonshine Freeze
  12. Adam Holmes and the Embers – Midnight Milk
  13. Kris Delmhorst – The Wild
  14. Jim White – Waffles, Triangles and Jesus
  15. Kenneth J Nash – Luna
  16. Charlie Dore – Dark Matter
  17. Randy Newman – Dark Matter
  18. Anna Tivel – Small believer
  19. The Weather Station – The Weather Station
  20. Jeffrey Martin – One go around
  21. Findlay Napier – Glasgow
  22. Martha Tilston – Nomad
  23. Peter James Millson – Mobile
  24. David Rawlings – Poor David’s Almanac
  25. Anna Coogan – The lonely cry of space and time
  26. Ned Roberts – Outside my mind
  27. The Harmed Brothers – The Harmed Brothers
  28. The Barr Brothers – Queens of the breakers
  29. Norrie McCullough – Bare branches
  30. The Worry Dolls – Endless Road
  31. Julie Byrne – Not even happiness
  32. Martin Simpson – Trails and tribulations
  33. The August List – Ramshackle Tabernacle
  34. Daria Kulesh – Long Lost Home
  35. Luke Tuchsherer – Always be true
  36. The Small Glories – Wondrous Traveller
  37. Otis Gibbs – Mount Renraw
  38. Rose Cousins – Grace
  39. Jennifer Crook – The year, she turns
  40. John Smith – Headlong
  41. Hurray for the Riff Raff – The Navigator
  42. The Little Unsaid – Imagined hymns and changing mantras
  43. Joana Serratt – Dipping springs
  44. Police Dog Hogan – Wild by the side of the road
  45. Aimee Mann – Mental Illness
  46. Benjamin Folke Thomas – Copenhagen
  47. Rachel Baiman – Shame
  48. Ian Felice – In the kingdom of dreams
  49. Kate Ellis – Carve me out
  50. Jack Harris – The Wide Afternoon
  51. Boo Hewerdine – Swimming in mercury
  52. David Hosking – Butterfly net
  53. Shake the Chains – Shake the chains
  54. Hiss Golden Messenger – Hallelujah anyhow
  55. Amelia Curran – Watershed
  56. Romantica – Let the light go through you
  57. Josh Ritter – The Gathering
  58. Sophia Marshall – Bye bye
  59. Heather Lynne Horton – Don’t mess with Mrs Murphy
  60. William the Conqueror – Proud disturber of the peace
  61. Emily Mae Winters – Siren Serenade
  62. Penguin Cafe – The Imperfect Sea
  63. Bedouine – Bedouine
  64. Emma Langford – Quiet giant
  65. Zervas and Pepper – Leave no trace
  66. Chip Taylor – A song I can live with
  67. Devon Sproule – The Gold String
  68. Paul McClure and the Local Heroes – Paul McClure and the Local Heroes EP
  69. Chris Tye – Stronger in numbers
  70. Luke Daniels – Singing ways to feel more junior
  71. Robert Vincent – I’ll make the most of my sins
  72. Chris Wood – So much to defend
  73. Dan Clews – While Middle England mows its lawn
  74. Nathan Bell – Love and fear (24 hours in traitor land)
  75. Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit – The Nashville Sound
  76. Daniel Gadd – As if in a dream I drifted at sea
  77. Joan Shelley – Joan Shelley
  78. Will Stratton – Rosewood Almanac
  79. Terra Lightfoot – New Mistakes
  80. Offa Rex – Queen of hearts
  81. Iron and Wine – Beast epic
  82. Ags Connolly – Nothin’ Unexpected
  83. Ryan Driver – Careless thoughts
  84. Roving Crows – Bury me naked
  85. Ocotillo – Songs from the City and the desert
  86. Steph Cameron – Daybreak over Jackson Street
  87. Danny and the Champions of the World – Brilliant light
  88. Co-Pilgrim – Moon Lagoon
  89. Charlie Fink – Cover my tracks
  90. Simone White – Genuine fake
  91. Alice Howe – You’ve been away so long EP
  92. Gareth Davies-Jones – The beauty and the trouble
  93. Bella Hardy – Hey Sammy
  94. Hans Chew – Open sea
  95. Chuck Johnson – Balsams
  96. Yvonne Lyon – Metanoia
  97. Ange Hardy – Bring back home
  98. Peter Oren – Anthropocene
  99. Daisy Chapman – Good luck songs
  100. Karine Polwart and Pippa Murphy – A pocket of wind resistance
  101. The Bara Bara Band – The seeds inside (the grapes upon the vine)
  102. The Winterlings – American son
  103. Laura Cortese and the Dance Cards – California Calling
  104. Adrian Crowley – Dark eyed messenger
  105. Sumie – Lost in light
  106. Anthony Toner – Ink
  107. Dan Michaelson – First light
  108. Fran Taylor – Pipedream
  109. Adrian Nation – Anarchy and love
  110. Robb Johnson – Songs from the last seven years
  111. Josienne Clarke and Ben Walker – The Birds EP
  112. Julien Baker – Turn out the lights
  113. Saskia Griffiths Moore – Night and day
  114. The Deep Dark Woods – Yarrow
  115. The Penny Black Remedy – Maintaining dignity in awkward situations
  116. Richard Warren – Disentangled
  117. Blue Rose Code – The water of Leith