Month: October 2017

Abums of the year and songs of the year

I know there’s still a month or so to go however I’m going to soon begin compiling my albums and EP’s of the year. I’ve already begun to do this for the first six months of 2017 and posted them on earlier blogs which I hope you’ve had the chance to check out.

2017 has undoubtedly proved another superb year for music across the folk, americana and alt-country genres, which are the most played types of music on the Quiet Revolution. As there are so many releases I’d consider my favourites of the year I’m going to make it one or a maximum of three longer blogs in more of a list form this time around. I will though provide a link to a track from each artist or band thus continuing with the format for the more extensive write-ups I’ve provided in previous years .

Added to this I’m going to try something new and highlight what I regard as some of the songs of the year for me. They’re going to be drawn from my favourite albums or EPs but will be those real standout songs that I’ve found myself playing on the show and at home a lot.

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17 October 2017 playlist

David Ramirez Time from We’re not going anywhere (2017 Sweetworld/Thirty Tigers)

5j Barrow Seagreen dress from The Journey Vol.1 EP (2017 5j Barrow)

Caroline Spence Heart of somebody from Spades and roses (2017 Caroline Spence)

Josienne Clark & Ben Walker The Birds from The Birds EP (2017 Rough Trade Records)

Jon Boden Moths in the gaslight from CD 2 (acoustic version) from Afterglow (2017 Hudson Records)

Richard Warren Safekeeping from Disentangled (2017 Hudson Records)

Jolie Holland and Samantha Parton Make it up to me from Wildflower Blues (2017)

Kris Delmhorst All the way around from The Wild (2017 Blueblade Records)

Jim White Drift away from Waffles Triangles and Jesus (2017 Loose Music)

Kenneth J Nash Born to be free from Luna (2017 Old Hotel Records)

Martin Simpson Blues run the game from Trails and Tribulations (2017 Topic Records)

Thunder and Rain Cut the wire from Start Believing (2017 Thunder and Rain)

Adrian Crowley And So Goes The Night from Dark Eyed Messenger (2017 Chemical Underground)

Dori Freeman I want to see the bright lights tonight from Letters never read (2017 Fluff and Gravy Records)

Richard Thompson End of the rainbow from Acoustic Rarities (2017 Beeswing Records)

The Weather Station The most dangerous thing about you from The Weather Station (2017 Paradise of Bachelors)

Jeffrey Martin October Dark from One Go Around (2017 Fluff & Gravy Records)

The Penny Black Remedy It’s dark outside from Maintaining dignity in awkward situations (2017 Mono del Mundo)

Findlay Napier Young goths in the necropolis from Glasgow (2017 Cheerygroove Records)

Edgelarks Borders from Edgelarks (2017 Dragonfly Roots)

Reg Meuross Refugee from Faraway People (2017 Hatsongs Records)

Peter James Millson Two wheels good from Mobile (2017 Haven Records)

Jeff Crosby Full moon on sunset from Postcards from Magdalena (2017 At The Helm Records)

Anna Tivel Last cigarette from Small Believer (2017 Fluff and Gravy Records)

The Winterlings Gold from American Son (2017 The Winterlings)

3 October 2017 playlist

Simone White Harvest from Genuine Fake (2017 Simone White)

Kenneth J Nash Like a river from Luna (2017 Old Hotel Records)

Martin Simpson Bones and Feathers from Trails and Tribulations (2017 Topic Records)

Kate Ellis Ones you love the most from Carve me out (2017 River Rose Records)

Dan Whitehouse featuring Jess Morgan Bars from That’s Where I Belong CD2 Live (2016 Reveal Records)

Recorded exclusive track Dan Whitehouse and Jess Morgan Everything is free (Gillian Welch cover)

Recorded exclusive track Dan Whitehouse and Jess Morgan Helpless (Neil Young cover)

Jess Morgan Take me to the opera, Loretta from Edison Gloriette (2016 Drabant Music)

Recorded exclusive track Dan Whitehouse and Jess Morgan The Milkman of human kindness (Billy Bragg cover)

Edgelarks Caravans from Edgelarks (2017 Dragonfly Roots)

The Little Unsaid Imagined Hymn from Imagined Hymn and Chaingang Mantras (2017 Carbon Moon Records)

Terra Lightfoot Stars over Dakota from New Mistakes (2017 Sonic Unyon Records)

Chris Pureka Holy from Back in the ring (2016 Haldern Pop Recordings)

Dhol Foundation featuring Steve Knightley Mother Tongue from Basant (2017 ECC Records)

Jonathan Byrd and the Sentimentals Mother Tongue from Mother Tongue (2013 Sentimental Music)

Anna Tivel Dark Chandelier from Small Believer (2017 Fluff and Gravy Records)

Benjamin Folke Thomas Finn from Copenhagen (2017 Louvio Records)

Heather Eatman Midnight Shift from Real (2001 Eminent Records)

Bella Hardy Learning to let go pre-release track from forthcoming album Hey Sammy (2017 Noe Records)

Hiss Golden Messenger Jenny of the roses from Hallelujah Anyhow (2017 Merge Records)

Micah P.Hinson Oh Spaceman from The Holy Strangers (2017 Full Time Hobby Records)

Joana Serratt Lost battles from Dripping Springs (2017 Loose Music)

Josh Ritter Thunderbolt’s goodnight by from Gathering (2017 Pytheas Recordings)