11 July 2017 playlist

Co-Pilgrim Thank my stars from Moon Lagoon (2017 Farm Music) http://www.co-pilgrim.co.uk John Smith Joanna from Headlong (2017 JSCD) http://www.johnsmithjohnsmith.com Adam Holmes and the Embers Joanna from Brighter Still (2016 Gogar Records) http://www.adamholmesandtheembers.com John Murry Wrong man from A Short History of Decay (2017 TV Records) http://www.johnmurry.com Cowboy Junkies Beneath the gate from Open (2001 Cooking […]

6 July 2017 playlist

John Smith Into the world from Headlong (2017 JSCDM) http://www.johnsmithjohnsmith.com Danny and the Champions of the World Swift street from Brilliant Light (2017 Loose Music) http://www.dannyandthechamps.com Polly Paulusma Godgrudge from Fingers and thumbs (2007 One Little Indian) http://www.pollypaulusma.com Danni Nicholls Beautifully broken from Mockingbird Lane (2015 Danni Nicholls Music) http://www.danninicholls.com Greg Russell E.G.A from Inclined […]

Favourite releases of the first 6 months of 2017 – Part Two

Courtney Marie Andrews Honest Life One of the finest americana albums of the year for me. How had I not encountered the wonderful music of the Phoenix, Arizona born singer songwriter before now? Interesting background to how the album came about on Courtney’s website biography “With plans to settle down for a bit and focus […]