Month: May 2017

28 May 2017 playlist

Dan Clews “While Middle England mows it’s lawn” from “While Middle England mows its lawn” (2017 Vista Music)

Martha Tilston “Nomad blood” from “Nomad” (2017 Squiggly Records)

Paul McClure & the Local Heroes “Troubadour’s lament” from “Paul McClure and the Local Heroes EP” (2017 Clubhouse Records)

Ruth Moody “Nothing without love” from “These wilder things” (2013 True North Records)

Eliza Gilkyson, John Gorka, Lucy Kaplansky “Promise me” from “Red Horse” (2010 Red House Records)

Luke Daniels “Fifteen hours in a supermarket” from “Revolve and rotate” (2016 Gael Productions)

Ezio “Supermarkets” from “This is the day” (2010 Tapete Records)

Lisbee Stainton “The dance upon nothing” from “Then Up” (2017 Marionet Music)

Fraser Anderson “Beautiful eyes” from “Under the cover of lightness” (2016 Membran Media)

Jezz Hall “Beautiful city” from “Silhouette Man” (2010 Folkwit Records)

Sera Cahoone “Time to give” from “From where I started” (2017)

Robert Ellis “Chemical plant” from “The lights from the chemical plant” (2014 New West Records)

Hillfolk Noir “Billy got popped” from “Junkerpunch” (2017 Hillfolk Noir)

Phospherescent “Wolves” from “Pride” (2007 Dead Oceans)

Jenee Halstead “Raised by wolves” from “Raised by wolves” (2012 Continental Song City)

Neil McSweeney “Danse Macabre” from “A Coat Worth Wearing” (2016 Hudson Records)

Paul Mosley and the Red Meat Orchestra (featuring Josienne Clarke) “Wolves” from “The Butcher” (2016 Folkwit Records)

Lau “Far from Portland” from “Decade: The best of Lan 2007-2017)” (2017 Reveal Records)

Kenneth J Nash and Fran Taylor “Slow burn” from “Live at the Old Hotel EP” (2015 Old Hotel Records)

Rachel Baiman “Turn to dust” from “Bare along the branches” (2017 Black Dust Records)

Ocotillo “Electricity” from “Songs from the city and the desert” (2017 Self released)

Her Crooked Heart “Are you good you are” from “To Gentlemen EP” (2017 SoDak Records)

Josienne Clarke and Ben Walker “Something familiar” from “Overnight” (2016 Rough Trade Records)

The Roving Crows “If I had to choose” from “Bury Me Naked” (2017 Roving Crows)

Jack Harris “The Horses” from “The Wide Afternoon” (2017 Rootbeat Records)

Joan Shelley “The push and the pull” from “Joan Shelley” (2017 No Quarter Records)

The Harmed Brothers “Greetings from Mardi Gras” from “The Harmed Brothers” (2017 Fluff and Gravy Records)

Erin Rae and the Meanwhiles “Rose colour” from “Soon Enough” (2016 Clubhouse Records)

My Darling Clementine “Eugene” from “Still Testifying” (2017 Continental Song City)

Emily Barker “Over my shoulder” from “Sweet kind of blue” (2017 Everyone Sang)

Luke Tuchsherer “A song for Jack Brown” from “Always be true” (2017 Clubhouse Records)

Norrie McCulloch “Turn to dust” from “Bare along the branches” (2017 Black Dust Records)

Devon Sproule “More together” from “The Gold String” (2017 Tin Angel Records)

Jon Boden “I want to dance with somebody (somebody who loves me)” from “Painted Lady deluxe edition” (2016 Navigator Records; originally released 2006)

Charlie Dore “A dog out looking for his day” from “Dark Matter” (2017 Black Ink Music)

Yvonne Lyon “Till we meet again” from “Till We Meet Again EP” (2017 Yvonne Lyon Music)

25 May 2017 playlist

Roving Crows “Revolution is now” from “Bury me naked” (2017 Roving Crows)

Luke Daniels “Those that takes” from “Revolve Rotate” (2016 Gael Productions)

The August List “Where has all the fire gone?” from “Ramshackle Tarbernacle” (2017 Ubiquity Project Records)

Charlie Dore “Dennis and Rose” from “Dark Matter” (2017 Black Ink Music)

Her Crooked Heart “Adrian” from “To Gentleman EP” (2017 SoDak)

Martha Tilston “Stories” from “Nomad Blood” (2017 Squiggly Records)

Boo Hewerdine “Swimming in Mercury” from “Swimming in Mercury” (2017 Reveal Records)

David Hosking “Butterfly Net” from “Butterfly Net” (2017 David Hosking)

Ocotillo “Fence building” from “Songs from the city and the desert” (2017)

Yorkston Thorne Khan “The blues you sang” from “Neuk Wight Delhi All-Stars” (2017 Domino Recording Company)

Chip Taylor “Until it hurts” from “A Song I Can Live With” (2017 Train Wreck Records)

Winter Mountain “Sunlight, good roads” from “I Swear I Flew” (2017 Winter Mountain)

Emily Mae Winters “Miles to go” from “Siren Serenade” (2017 Emily Mae Winters)

Scott Cook “Further down the line” from “Further down the line” (2017 Groove Revival)

Nadia Reid “Reach my destination” from “Preservation” (2017 Basin Rock)

Nathan Bell “The big old American dream” from “Love to fear (48 hours in traitor land)” (2017 Stone Barn Records)

Sam Baker “Peace out” from “Land of doubt” (2017 Sam Baker)

Curse of Lono “Send for the whisky” from “Severed” (2017 Submarine Cat Records)

Show of Hands “No secrets” digital download single (2017 Hands On Music)

India Electric Co “King of Rome” from “EC1M EP” (2017 India Electric Company)

Aimee Mann “Rollercoaster” from “Mental illness” (2017 Superego Records)

Lynne Hanson “Counting heartbeats” from “Uneven Ground” (2017 Continental Song City)

Police Dog Hogan “Dixie” from “Wild by the side of the road” (2017 Major Tom Records)

Laura Marling “Next time” from “Semper Femina” (2017 Kobalt Music)

16 May 2017 playlist

Raphael Doyle “We’ll all get together again” from “Never Closer” (2017 Cooking Vinyl Records)

Neil McSweeney “Land of Cockayne” from “A Coat Worth Wearing” (2017 Hudson Records)

Ange Hardy and Lukas Drinkwater “By the tides” from “Findings” (2016 Story Records)

Lau “Ghosts” from “Decade: the best of Lau (2007-2017)” (2017 Reveal Records)

Kenneth J Nash and Fran Taylor “Like a river” (live)

Musical choice of Kenneth J Nash:

Mary Gauthier “I drink” from “Drag Queens in limousines” (2001 Munich Records)

Kenneth J Nash and Fran Taylor “Gitane” (live)

Fran Taylor “27 years” (live)

Musical choices of Kenneth J Nash:

Martin Simpson “Never any good” from “Prodigal Son” (2007 Topic Records)

Tim Hardin “How can we hang on to a broken dream” from “Reason to believe (the best of)” (1987 Polydor Records)

Musical selection from Kenneth J Nash:

Josh T Pearson “Woman when I’ve raised hell” from “Last of the country gentlemen” (2011 Mute Records)

Kenneth J Nash and Fran Taylor “Born to be free” (live)

Fran Taylor “Fire” (live)

Kenneth J Nash and Fran Taylor “Slow burn” (live)

Jack Harris “Drowned house” from “The Wide Afternoon” (2017 Rootbeat Records)

Jess Morgan “Come to the opera with me Loretta” from “Edison Gloriette” (2017 Drabent Music)

Jonny Kearney and Lucy Farrell “To the boy” from “North Farm Sessions EP” (2010 Rabble Rouser)

Mark Eitzel “The last ten years” from “Hey Mr Ferryman” (2017 Decor Records)

Lucy Kaplansky “Ten year night” from “Ten Year Night” (1999 Red House Records)

False lights “Polly on the shore” from “Salvor” (2014 Wreckord Label)

Jim Moray “The straight line and the curve” from “Upcetera” (2016 NIAG Records)

Amelia Curran “Watershed” from “Watershed” (2017 Six Shooter Records)

Pieta Brown “All the roads” from “Postcards” (2017 Red House Records)