Month: March 2017

21 March 2017 playlist

Sera Cahoone “Always turn around” from “Where I Started” (2017)

Neil McSweeney “Atlantis” from “A Coat Worth Wearing” (2017 Hudson Records)

Vera Van Heerigen “Old Man” from “Standing Tall” (2012 Rootbeat Records)

Jack Harris “Vanished birds” from “The Wide Afternoon” (2017 Rootbeat Records)

Emily Mae Winters “Hook line and sinker” from “Siren Serenade” forthcoming debut album

Emily Mae Winters “Blackberry Lane” from “Siren Serenade” forthcoming debut album

Jonny Kearney and Lucy Farrell “Letters to Lenore” from “The North Farm Sessions EP”

Carthy, Hardy, Farrell, Young “Wide River” from “Laylam” (Hem Hem Records)

Eliza Carthy and the Wayward Band “Hug you like a mountain” (featuring Teddy Thompson) from “Big Machine” (2017 Topic Records)

Jo Hamilton “There it is” from “ A World of hope: supporting Postcards for Peace” (2017 Red Grape Records)

Oh Susanna “Tickets on the weekend” from “A Girl In A Teen City” (2017)

Hannah Rose Platt “1954” from “Portraits” (2015 Mayflower Records)

Sophia Marshall “Living things” from “The Paper Thin EP” (2015 Sophia Marshall)

Steve Tilston and Jez Lowe “The Janus Game” from “The Janus Game” (2016 Tantobie Records)
Fred’s House “Earthquake” from “Faultlines” (2016 Cracking Tunes)

Chip Taylor “A song I can live with” from “A Song I Can Live With” (2017 Train Wreck Records)

Dean Owens and the Whisky Hearts “Julie’s moon” digital download single in aid of Marie Curie (2017 Drumfire Records)

Kenny White “The moon is low” from “Long list of priors” (2017 Continental Song City)

Harri Endersby “Homes/Lives” from “Homes/Lives” (2017 Harri Endersby)

16 March 2017 playlist with Neil McSweeney live session

Old Crow Medicine Show “Wagon wheel” from “Best of Old Crow Medicine Show” (2017 Nettwerk Music)

Courtney Marie Andrews “Honest life” from “Honest Life” (2017 Loose Music)

Lau “Ghosts (Richard J Birkin remix)” from “A World of Hope: supporting Postcards for Peace” (2017 Red Grape Records)

Richard J.Birkin “A history of good ghosts” from “Vigils” (2016 Reveal Records)

Neil McSweeney “Atlantis” (live)

Neil McSweeney “Land of Cockaigne” (live)

Neil McSweeney “Waving not drowning” (live)

Musical choice of Neil McSweeney:

Jonny Kearney and Lucy Farrell “Hares on the mountain” from “The North Farm Sessions EP” (2013 Rabble Rouser Music)

Musical choice of Neil McSweeney:

Sun Kil Moon “Carissa” from “Benji” (2014 Caldo Verdi Records)

Neil McSweeney “Danse Macabre” (live)

Musical choice of Neil McSweeney:

Brian Eno (with Daniel Lanois and Roger Eno) “An ending: ascent” from “Apollo: atmospheres and soundtracks” (1983 EMI Records)

Neil McSweeney “Night watchman” (live)

Olafur Arnalds “Arbakkinn” from “Island Songs” (2016 Mercury KX)

Benjamin Folke Thomas “Finn” from “Copenhagen” (2017 Louvio Records)

Dan Bern “God said no” from “New American Language” (2001 Cooking Vinyl Records)

Julie Byrne “I live now as a singer” from “Not even happiness” (2016 Basin Rock Records)

Paul McClure and the Local Heroes “Weight in time” from “Paul McClure and the local Heroes EP” (2017 Clubhouse Records)

Amelia Curran “No more quiet” from “Watershed” (2017 Six Shooter Records)

Listen to the show again here


7 March 2017 playlist

Jennifer Crook “The March Hare” from “The year, she turns” (2016 Transatlantic Roots)

Neil McSweeney “Land of Cockaigne” from “A Coat worth wearing” (2017 Hudson Records)

Gren Bartley “Favourite Red Coat” from “Carry her safe” (2008 Musician Records)

Amelia Curran “Move a mile” from “Watershed” (2017 Six Shooter Records)

The Small Glories “Old Garage” from “Wondrous Traveller” (2017 MFM Records)

Ruth Moody “Make a change” from “These Wilder Things” (2013 True North Records)

Catherine MacLellan “Everything’s going to be alright” from “Water in the ground” (2009 True North Records)

Willard Grant Conspiracy “Beyond the shore” from “Regard the end” (2003 Loose Music)

The Unthanks “Starless” from “Last” (2011 Rabble Rouser)

The Roches “Losing True” from “Keep on doing” (1982 Warner Brothers)

Otis Gibbs “Great American Roadside” from “Mount Renraw” (2017 Otis Gibbs)

Steve Pledger “Doing well” from “Somewhere between” (2016 Noisy Dog Records)

Reg Meuross “Nurse (angel in a blue dress)” single from forthcoming album “Faraway Places”

Abigail Lapell “Diamond girl” from “Hide nor hair” (2017 Coax Records)

Romantica “Let the light go through you” from “Shadowlands” (2017 At The Helm Records)

Beth Bombara “I tried (too late)” from “Map and no direction” (2017 At The Helm Records)

Norrie McCullough “Beggars woods” from “Bare along the branches” (2017 Black Dust Records)

Rhiannon Giddens “We could fly” from “Freedom Highway” (2017 Nonesuch Records)

John Craigie “I am California” from “No rain, no rose” (2017 CD Baby)

Drew Holcombe and the Neighbours “California” from “Souvenirs” (2017 Magnolia Music)

Sean Taylor “Cruelty of man” from “Flood and burn” (2017 Sean Taylor Songs)

Jack Harris “The Oldest man” from “The Wide Afternoon” (2017 Rootbeat Records)