Month: January 2017

24 January 2017 playlist

Billy Bragg “No one knows nothing anymore” from “Tooth and nail” (2013 Cooking Vinyl Records)

Ry Cooder “Kool-Aid” from “Election Special” (2012 Nonesuch Records)

Kris Drever “No banker left behind” from “Covers EP” (2016 Reveal Records)

Willy Porter “How to rob a bank” from “How to rob a bank” (2009 Weasel Records)

Todd Snider “New York Banker” from “Agnostic Hymns and Stoner Fables” (2012 Aimless Records)

Steve Tilston “A Pretty Penny” from “Ziggurat” (2008 Hubris Records)

Martha Tilston and The Woods “Corporations” from “Real -live at the Union Chapel” (2010 Squiggly Records)

Blame Sally “If you tell a lie” from “Severland” (2007 Dig Records)

Bright Eyes “When the president talks to God” from “Motion Sickness” (2005 Saddle Creek)

Steve Knightley “Crooked man” from “Cruel River” (2007 Hands On Music)

Martin Simpson “Palaces of Gold” from “Vagrant Stanzas” (2013 Topic Records)

Jez Hellard and the Djukella Orchestra “We have the time” from “Heavy Wood” (2015 Djukella Records)

Chris Wood “The Grand Correction” from “Handmade Life” (2010 R.U.F Records)

Southern Tenant Folk Union “What kind of worker do you want to be?” from “Join Forces” (2016 Johnny Rock Records)

The Dreaming Spires “Follow the money” from “Land of Hope and Fury” (2015 Union Music Store)

Dar Williams “Play the greed” from “Occupy this album” (2012 Music for Occupy)
Ange Hardy and Lukas Drinkwater “By the tides” from “Findings” (2016 Story Records)

Hannah James “Treasures” from “Jigdoll” (2016 Rootbeat Records)

Coope Boyes and Simpson “If we were them” from “Coda” (2016 No-Masters Co-operative)
Reg Meuross “England Green and England Grey” from “England Green and England Grey” (2014 Hatsongs Records)

O’Hooley and Tidow “Made in England” from “Shadows” (2016 No-Masters Co-operative)

Drive by Truckers “What it means” from “American band” (2016 ATO Records)

Christy Moore “How long” from “This is the day” (2001 Sony Music)

10 January 2017 playlist

Benjamin Folke Thomas “Good enough for me” from “Copenhagen” (2017 Loivaio)

The Memory Band “A postcard for Toppy and Lou” from “A Fair Field” (2016 Static Caravan Records)

Michael Chapman “That time of night” from “50” (2017 Paradise of Bachelors)

Show of Hands “No song to sing” from “Covers” (2000 Hands On Music)

Sarah McQuaid “Leave it for another day” from “Walking into white” (2015 Waterbug Records)

Josienne Clarke and Ben Walker “Silverline” from “Through the clouds EP” (2016 Rough Trade Records)

Steve Tilston and Jez Lowe “Leaving for Spain” from “The Janus Game” (2016 Tantobie Records)

Police Dog Hogan “Our lady of the snows” from “Wild by the side of the road” (2017 Major Tom Records)

Lisa Hannigan “Snow” from “At Swim” (2016 Play it again Sam)

Sam Baker “Snow” from “Cotton” (2009 Music Road Records)

Tisso Lake “Adrift in a dream” from “Paths to the Foss” (2016 Self released)

Frontier Ruckus “Visit me” from “Enter the Kingdom” (2017 Loose Music)

Kirsty McGee and the Hobopop Collective “Diamond days” from “Diamond Days EP” (2016 Hobopop Records)

Chris Wood “The shallow end” from “So much to defend” (2016 R.U.F Records)

Paul Goodwin “Cold case” from “The Northern Lights in the neon tube” (2016 Paul Goodwin)

The Happening “Rain” from “Miles away from America” (2016 The Happening)

Simone White “Great Imperialist State” from “I am the man” (2007 Honest Jons Records)

Daria Kulesh “The moon and the pilot” from “Long lost home” (2016 Daria Kulesh)

Paul Mounsey “The fields of Robert John” from “Nahoo Too” (1997 Iona Records)

Nathan Bowles “Words spoken aloud” from “Whole and Cloven” (2016 Paradise of Bachelors)

Courtney Marie Andrews “Put the fire out” from “Honest life” (2017 Loose Music)

Benjamin William Pike “Down this road” from “A Burdensome Year” (2016 Gin House Records)