29 November 2016 playlist

Jimmy Aldridge and Sid Goldsmith “Night Hours” from “Night hours” (2016 Fellside Recordings) http://www.jimmyandsidduo.com Lambchop “In care of 8675309” from “Flotus” (2016 City Slang) http://www.lambchop.net 1 Giant Leap feauturing Michael Stipe and Asha Bhosle “The way you dream” from “One Giant Leap” (2001 Palm Pictures) http://www.facebook.com/1GiantLeap Jim Moray “Sounds of the earth” from “Upcetera” (2016 […]

15 November 2016 playlist

Eliza Gilkyson “Hard times in Babylon” from “Hard times in Babylon” (2000 Red House Records) http://www.elizagilkyson.com Erika Kulnys “Rise up” from “Rise up” (2016 Erika Kulnys) http://www.erikakulnys.com Southern Tenant Folk Union “What kind of worker do you want to be?” from “Join Forces” (2016 Johnny Rock Records) http://www.southerntenantfolkunion.com Robb Johnson “The future starts here” from […]

The first 6 months of the year -favourite releases continued

Gren Bartley – Magnificent Creatures I remember first hearing Gren Bartley when he was doing a support slot for the excellent Kirsty McGee and Mat Martin at the Musician in Leicester easily 6 years or more ago. I was mightily impressed and have followed his musical adventures since that time. 2016 heralded a particularly superb […]