21 September 2016 playlist

Southern Tenant Folk Union ‘Our revolution it will one day come’ from Join Forces (2016 Johnny Rock Records) http://www.southerntenantfolkunion.com Nathan Bowles ‘Gadarene fugue’ from Whole and cloven (2016 Paradise of Bachelors) http://www.nathanbowles.com Martin Green (with Becky Unthank) ‘Strange sky’ from Flit (2016 Reveal Records) http://www.martingreenmusic.co.uk Kim Edgar ‘Anchor in the sky’ from Stories untold (2016 […]

20 September 2016 playlist

Scott Cook ‘Pass it along’ from One more time around (1994 Groove Revival Records) http://www.scottcook.net Ruth Theodore ‘The carcass and the pride’ from Cactacus (2016 Aveline Records) http://www.ruththeodore.com Dan Whitehouse ‘Close up’ (live) Dan Whitehouse ‘That’s where I belong’ (live) Ry Cooder ‘How can a poor man stand such times and live’ from Why don’t […]

6 September playlist

Good Luck Mountain ‘More than a feeling’ from Good Luck Mountain (2011 LLC) http://www.goodluckmountain.com The Roches ‘Hammond Song’ from The Roches (1979 Warner Brothers Records) http://www.theroches.com Hannah Sanders and Ben Savage ‘Lay them down’ from Before the sun (2016 Sungrazing Records) http://www.hannahandbenmusic.com Nancy Kerr ‘Never ever lay them down’ from Sweet Visitor (2014 Little Dish […]